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Smoking in the City

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that some people have interprated the quote as having anything to do with the person in this image smoking I would like to state in this case that it does NOT. I repeat does NOT and is NOT any kind of commentary on smoking. The quote in chinese refers to the person in the picture NOT the fact that she is smoking. Thiis is not a social commentary of any kinda nor a "I support smoking" image. People have to stop seeing images that way unless it is well an actual advertisement for smoking! SO for the sake of all that is sane in this world will you people just look that the image for what it is? An IMAGE no social comment, no saying yay or nay to anything, just an image of a beautiful girl. Okay? OKAY?! Good. Glad we could clear that up.

End Rant.

OK well I finally showed this peice to the person I am giving it to, so I figured I would put it up online for other people to see.

The chinese text roughly reads: The world in your eyes, Heaven on your lips...

Hope someone out there enjoys it.
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Great work. Thanks for sharing.
gummy-gundam's avatar
this is my kind of girl she wears cool cloths lives in a cool apartment and most likely gets what she wants a slave I would love to be
Crystalspike's avatar
She looks gorgeous!
great job with the background as well.
KanonFodder's avatar
Thank you very much. She's a friend of mine I met at a convention. I actually haven't seen her in a while though as she lives in a different state than myself.
Doublecrash's avatar
Hello! :wave: This work is featured here [link] !
KanonFodder's avatar
Cool! Thanks for letting me know!
Shadow-Stalker123's avatar
Beautiful, tis all I can say.

I'm not gonna comment about the ciggy, cause it just makes the picture even more beautiful with the detail that as put into it.

Awesome job- love it! :D
KanonFodder's avatar
Why thank you! It's always good to hear compliments.
Shadow-Stalker123's avatar
It's not a problem when they're true,
not to mention I like to give them :D
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Love the pic. What did you create this in? It's totally awesome. Her skin is so smooth and the smoke is tight. The texture on her jeans is exquisite.
KanonFodder's avatar
It's done in Photoshop. The only thing that wasnt is the initial sketch which isn't even seen in the picture.
TatsujinEdge's avatar
Very cool i like that slight grin she has and her eyes are great nice work :nod:
odinwise's avatar
now that's my kind of lady! the smoke looks really great, yad. so do the folds in the pants. I could sit up and chat with her smoking cigarettes allll night long. funny how that person considered your art to be endorsement. made me want to slap them in the mouth for daring to put the image into such context.
KanonFodder's avatar
Hah.. I did sit up with her talking all night.. though we were with other people too. But yeah hence the rant that has been edited in.
raven34994's avatar
Cool and yet I feel obliged to say that "The Surgeon General has determined that quitting smoking now can reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease"... and you will get dates with cool people who might otherwise avoid you because they hate kissing an ashtray...:)
I do love the art... very well done.
I don't hate smokers... I used to be one. I hate addiction.
KanonFodder's avatar
uhmm thanks.. I think.

Not griping on you, but I gotta wonder though, why must people think they need to say something about the smoking? I maen it's just a freaking drawing! Cantthey comment that the city isn't detailed enough or that things are too dark or anything else?
raven34994's avatar
I thought of that as I was writing the message.. and I think it's probably because, quite honestly, I was constitutionally unable toallow the comment about heaven in relation to smoking to go unchallenged. The idea that you, a talented and moderately high profile individual, to whom people could concievably look to as a role model, would glamorize smoking in any way, suddenly became more important than whetether the technical details of the picture. I have been lucky so far in the fact that I have not been diagnosed with any of the maladies associated with smoking... My husband on the other hand smoked as long as I did and he has COPD and is on about 20 different meds per day and has to have a machine to breath at night.
KanonFodder's avatar
Hmm. in that case I suppose it's a complete and utter misinterpitation of the meaning behind the peice. As the smoking has nothing to do with the person herself, she just happened to be smoking. Thats all. No social commentary as people expect, no ANYTHING of taht effect. Iin fact I think I will add that into the description to clearify as it is an image I drew nothing more.

And thank you for calling me some what high profile... I dont see myself as such, but thanks!
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More like cancer on your lips. Anyway, nice art and all, better than anything I'll ever do. Though I have to ask, did you draw this on paper completely before you applied the digital layers to it? And if so, would you say the sketch was fairly detailed or more like a basic outline for you to work with?
KanonFodder's avatar
The sketch only consisted of her since I took the referance picture in a hotel room after a convention the background was well a hotel room. Though it wasn't that room in particular nor was there a city-scape anywhere near it. The sketch was pretty detailed as I like to sketch, but it was still only referance as there are some things in pencil that just doesnt translate well into a full rendering.
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I love the close ups on the side. And, really the entire piece.
MisterFiasco's avatar
Ooh, pretty! :love:
Though smoking is bad for your health.
First comment LOWL.
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