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Izumicon tshirt

This was the tshirt design I did for Izumicon 2008 [link] I figured since the con is done and the year is even over, they wouldn't mind me putting this up. THey wanted an Frank Miller/anime styled ronin guy. So this is what I came up with. They did one shirt on grey too.

Hope you guys enjoy it.
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Could I use your art for the Izumicon-Goers group default picture?? It'd be pretty cool!
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Yes feel free to use it for your group picture.
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That's freaking awesome man! Great job!
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Ahhh this looks really cool! I saw this art on the Izumicon website and I really liked it. I am glad I know who did it now! X3
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I really like this one. The stylization works well and the pose is very dynamic and energetic. He reminds me a bit of Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, but is still distinctly your own character. I love the lighting.

If I had one suggestion to make, it would have been to leave some black in the belt to give the impression that it's wrapped or folded. it feels too solid. But it's a really great piece and I imagine it looked terrific on the shirts. Good job :)
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Why thank you. :) I actually have a version with the black left into the belt, but as the Frank Miller stylings go the object he puts in color tends to be solid and flat. Usually. I think I was actually looking at some promotional art I found for the Spirit movie when I did this, his tie being a solid red and all.
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