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Hello! I decided to make this account for adopts instead! ;v; Sorry for that false run away- But I come to realize i've been making a lot of adopts and no where to put them ;v; so ill be sharing them here!

    So ive been thinking about doing this for a while. I haven't been really active on dA much. I was thinking of leaving. It might be easier for me to keep track.. so I thought I'd show you guys the main blogs I use! I will still be around to check messages and all but not to post much. I will also leave all my work available to look at !

For some reason you can get my attention more on these sites then here;; If I owe you anything here let me know. But here are the two links I'm more active on! I want to say thank you all for the support ;v; This is where I started my venture as an artist and I love this place a lot but I must move on ;v; thank you! 

Facebook (new) Icon FACEBOOK PAGE: [link]
Tumblr Icon TUMBLR: [link]


Weebly Icon COMMISSIONS: [link]
Youtube Icon YOUTUBE: [link]
Sry if its all fuzzy guys....