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(C) Emeilia by kanoii-chiTaiyuk by kanoii-chiDemon adopt by kanoii-chi


anyone got commeissions or adopts open? ;v; 

post examples pls

Edit: Sorry guys I meant to say adopts

Good-girl-bad-girl by kanoii-chiBad-girl by kanoii-chi

original base 60$
chibi 45$

Animation comes with two images.

I can add weapons, blood, guts etc. **NO BODY MOVEMENTS AND NO EXTREMLY DIFFICULT WEAPONS**

Extra things such as weapons, etc are 10$+
Extra image is 30$  

Stars Stars Stars 

TITLE TYPE - [flat color, full color]
character ref - [picture refs only please]
personality - [3 to 4 adjectives]
other- [any specific pose or prompts (may cost extra)]

Stars Stars Stars 

So due to certain people editing my works and commissions I’ve purchased and made for people. I won’t be sharing anymore commissions I’ve got from artist (on tumblr and fb) and I will be putting and making heavier watermarks clearly saying “DO NOT EDIT/TRACE/COPY/CLAIM MY WORKS”

I’m really sorry to be anal and uptight about this but i am not gonna get my art get stolen or edited so easily and let it get away.

Please if you’re someone that is doing this. Please consider the artists feeling and consider how rude it is. If you love the artists so much pls commission, credit, donate, share correctly. You wouldn’t want to treat the artist you look up to so much, crappy right??? If you know any accounts doing this to my let me know! Thank you
Sry if its all fuzzy guys....