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Hello there! 
I see for Deviants & Group members it might be hard to get into group features and the possibilities. 

You submitted an artwork to a group? Then this topic might be interesting...

Todays topic: The submission process window and how to use it. 

1. Where can I find the "submission process window"?

Where to find the submission process window 1 by KanoeShirota

To get to the submission process window, you first need to check your correspondence.
Simply by clicking the symbol on your message center or if you have enabled the stick menu like me:

Correspondence History by KanoeShirota

Alright, now you can see pending, accepted or declined works you submitted to a group or even 100.

Where to find the submission process window 2 by KanoeShirota

In this example you can see that the submission is still pending. 

It didn't got accepted or declined yet. 

If you submitted accidentally or made a mistake, you still can withdraw your work. 

Below the - in this case "withdraw" button - there you can read "no comments". 
This get's very important now. 
If you click on "no Comments", HOORAY, the submission window will open.

2. How does the submission process window work and how can I use it? 

The submission process window by KanoeShirota

Here we are. Under your submitted work now appears a chat window. By writing a comment in there you'll contact the group admins directly.
So if you're unsure where to submit or have any other question, feel free to write a comment. 

Don't forget to be polite and write as clear as possible, so misunderstandings can be avoided.
The admins won't bite, so don't hesitate to ask. It's better to clear things instead of getting a declined artwork. 

Also if your work really gets declined, the admins comment will pop here. 
Most admins will ask you to resubmit to the correct folder again... so don't be mad if something went wrong. ^^

Please also don't discuss or argue about the declined artwork, simply try again. If you simply take the admins advice or recheck the rules, nothing can go wrong. :) 

3. Example and the admins sight: 

Here you can see an example I've chosen from my group. This window below shows how a group admin sees the submission process window. 
The artist in here is the skilled MichelleHermes (check out the gallery! Needed to choose this example since I'm a big fan of Mark)

Declined Example by KanoeShirota

This artist here tried to submit this awesome Markiplier Fan Art to the groups Fan Art folder. 

That would be completely correct, but our rules at TheDigitalWorldOfArt state: "The category of the artwork must match the folder category..." 
Unfortunately it wasn't categorized as Fan Art and needed to be declined... 

TheDigitalWorldOfArt sort artworks by their maincategory. 
(About 80% of groups sort artworks like this, but sometimes it might be different, so please always check the group rules and gallery folders!) 

on right  1) Under the declined button you can see that a comment have been added (by me)

on right  2) In the vote log the admin who declined the work is visible.

on right  3) Here I wrote my comment with the reason for rejection. The artist may reply here.
      Some groups don't write a comment why your work have been declined... again, please check the rules.

You still have questions? Please comment on the journal. 

4. I deleted the "declining comment" and artwork from my correspondence by accident! Can I somehow read it again? 

Yes! Deviant Art is awesome and doesn't loose anything... like your home. 

DA has not only the activity feed where you can see all your comments and interactions, but also a correspondence history. Here you can see all your group submissions. 

Correspondence History by KanoeShirota

on right If you can't see this menu, you can enable it in your settings! ^^

Correspondence History Window by KanoeShirota

on right Play with the menu on the left, to see pending, expired or declined artworks and so on. 

Well, that's it. I hope the journal was at least a bit helpful for you. 
Remember, be creative, stay tuned and never give up! 
DA can do so much, if you know how. 

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please make one for eclipse, and tag me in it if u can,, i need to check the submissions to my group so that i can approve or disapprove them.