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Darcy Addams

▹ Darcy Addams
▹ Age: Twenty
▹ Gender : Female
▹ Birthday : October 31st
▹ Eye Color : Olive Green
▹ Hair Color : Dark Brown
▹ Skin : Slightly Tan
▹ Likes : Tennis, Hiking, Biking, Motocross, Swimming, Going to the gym, Running/Jogging, Herbal Teas, Pink Lemonade, The Rain.
▹ Dislikes : Being Dependent, Reading Books, Sugar (Anything sweet, like candy, gum, cookies, etc), Long-sleeve tops, Quiet Places, Sitting around doing nothing.
▹ Personality : Darcy is your typical tomboy. She can be rough, stubborn, and short-tempered. She loves to be active and doing anything from playing tennis, to swimming, or hitting the gym. She can come off as standoff-ish, though by default. She can be nice, but she rarely shows it.
▹ Relationship(s) : None
▹ Bio : She was raised by only her father. Her father was an athlete and made sure his daughter was too. He taught her everything he loved to do like tennis, swimming, and motocross. They did various outdoor activities together, and have a fantastic father-daughter relationship. She has had a decent life throughout her twenties years despite being raised by a single parent. Although she never talks about it, she despises her mother for leaving her father and having him raise her on his own, which in turn allows her to not do well in relationships due to the fact that she has a hard time committing because she does not want to get too attached and then maybe left. She did okay academically, though decided not to attend college. She did not have the ambition to through four (or more) years of school, so now she spends her days as a tennis instructor, and does motocross competitions. She loves to live life on the edge and tries almost anything, like bungee jumping, sky diving, rock climbing, etc. Overall she is a pretty optimistic girl with a lot of sarcasm.
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▹ Extras :
-The freckles are a must if you draw her!
-Her Tribal Sleeve that extends slightly to her chest, Sun Hip Tattoo, and Bicep Bar code Tattoo that says her last name underneath
-She has three ear piercings on each side: One on each lobe and a cuff on both sides
-Right Side: Tragus, Industrial
-Left Side: Rook, Cartilage
-You can change up the lobe piercings to anything, since she changes that regularly, and you don't have to draw her with the cuffs or the industrial piercing either. But the Targus piercing is a cross, The cartilage is a simple medium-sized hoop and the Rook is just a simple medium-sized stud.
-She also has an eyebrow piercing and lip ring.
-As for clothes, she wears just a simple plain or graphic t-shirt, or a plain tank top with shorts or jeans with ruggish worn-out boots.

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