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Drop me a note or better,send me a mail to
if you have any project you'd like to discuss 
or to request any further information. 

Check Commission status here >>…
if you want to know if there are slot opens !

Keep these things in mind:
- You have to make a first payment of half the price, and then pay the last stage * after showing you a final preview.
- (If the commission is under $100, you have to pay the whole thing beforehand)
- You have to cover the fee costs
- I keep all rigths for the image. (just the image, if the characters belong to you, they are yours, of course)
- I will upload the works i do here in DA, meaning no porn, sorry.
- Extreme transformations aren't my thing (breast or any kind of unrealistic expansion, animal transformation and stuff) 
  ... so i migth work on those subjects as long as it sound interesting for me or fun to work on them.
- I migth stream your piece online while i work on it.

These are guidelines to give you and idea of around how much migth cost. 
PricingExample by KannelArt

Waist-Up  Character Colored: US$80 usd with simple background.
Detailed by KannelArt     Caroline by KannelArt 

Mature Content

Sherry by KannelArt

Mature Content

Jade trying to play Nice by KannelArt

Prices can vary depending size of the character (portrait, waist up, etc),
mumber of characters, background and complexity of commission.

Secuentials and Comic Pages:
Price in case-to-case basis (Around 150 USD)
(No rendered Quality for secuencials)

Mature Content

UnplannedPregnancy by KannelArt

Mature Content

Beach Wish Sequence Preview by KannelArt

Mature Content

Mermaid Stuff by KannelArt

Mature Content

ThatShipHasSailed by KannelArt
   Transformation Machine by KannelArt   

Mature Content

Perfect Fit by KannelArt
    Raan's Doll: Christmas Special by KannelArt  

Black and White / Grayscale work:
Price in case-to-case basis. (generally cheaper than colour)

Mature Content

Some Problem by KannelArt

Mature Content

I'm Not a Girl !!! I'm a ... by KannelArt

Mature Content

Easter Retribution Page 01 by KannelArt

*** All prices are negotiable *** 

Mode of Payment:
I accept payment through Paypal only.
All prices are subject to change without prior notice. I require at least a 50% down payment before I start anything. 
You will be informed via email of the progress of your commission, and will receive the final image file once full payment has been received.
You have to cover the fee costs.

If you have any doubt just let me know via mail here:

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Great, how can I get some of your drawings, please?
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KannelArtHobbyist Digital Artist
uh sorry ... this one is an old journal...
commissions are closed at this moment :/ 
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LadyDreamMakerHobbyist Writer
Any plan to reopen this year? or did you know a artist good liek you to transformation secuences?
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KannelArtHobbyist Digital Artist
mmmh not really, sorry :/
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opailopaiHobbyist General Artist
Would that "guy and his red pumps" page also be around 150 USD ? or is it closer to 200$ ? I notice there's 8 smaller panels and a decent sized pinup built into it. Either way, I love the artwork you put out and I'd like to see more but can't quite push myself to commission just yet ( I do draw myself although quite poorly compared to you).
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KannelArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah ! That page is larger as well ... 
so, yeah, that one was around $200.
Glad you like my work !
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I've always thought to myself that if only you and many other of the great artist had some sort of payment plan I'd be commissioning all the time. For now I'll be happy with being a patreon. :)
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KannelArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for supporting me there :D
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Darling, That ist real very lovely Stuff, i like it. very much ! 
I send you a Note soon for a Commission .
Hug You Bettina
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KannelArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ! 
Glad you like my work :3
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sturkwurkProfessional Digital Artist
I sent you a note here. :)
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KannelArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey !!! Just checked it !! I'll sent you a mail in a moment  :D (Big Grin) 
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Any kind of ballpark figure for greyscale and coloured comic pages? Say for instance the examples you have posted?
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KannelArtHobbyist Digital Artist
It really depends of the quality you are looking for, and the subject.
Also would i be the one doing lines , colours, texts, panels, and "sound effects" ?.

Roughly, something like this… would be around 150 USD per page, 
better quality get more expensive and lower quality (less details) cheaper. for example something like this would cost less.

Grayscale would be cheaper but not really than much ... 

And of course we can agree for a price for an amount of pages, prices are negotiable.

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Hmm, tempting...
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