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Emily Grows Up

Commissioned work i made for :iconblankage: 
he write stories about age progression/regression, transformations (male to female), BE and stuff,
go and check him :dummy:

Something a bit diferent this time, Age Pregression 

Concept goes like this :

In a magical class, children are given magical pills to take at home, so they can experience about growing up,
Except Emily, being such a good student, wants to get a head start on her homework, so she takes the pill on the way home from school. And this is the result! 

Hope you like it !

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retroblade2000's avatar
All I can think of when seeing this is "damn, she's got to have one hell of a wedgie."
I'm going to try to guess the ages... 12, 14, 16, 18?
Why does she look mad now as an adult? Just wondering because I can't find out
KannelArt's avatar
she is annoyed because her clothes won't fit :P
Ok that makes sence
keep going with it
PlanetoftheAP's avatar
Any chance you'll do more Age Progression stuff eventually? This one rocks.
KannelArt's avatar
i won't say there is no chance...
but that's not really my thing i have to say.
PlanetoftheAP's avatar
Oh, ok. I hope you do one some day, even as a side transformation in a story with a main TG'd character and a secondary AP'd girl.

Because this is one of the best AP artwork I've seen and I got very sad when we didn't see some of her classmates! :)
well she certainly has some new things to feel and experience
OcularRiftendo's avatar
Imagine a whole class of middle school girls doing this, boys as well probably. It sounds like a recipe for disaster when they are walking around town trying to do adult things, excited by their newly grown bodies, and making childish mistakes. But it would be fun to watch. And it can't be much worse than the exam-orientated excuse for an educated system we have in real life.
I wrote a story with that very concept, where a whole class is progressed in order to "learn", but it of course ends, as you said, in disaster.

This brilliant piece reminded me of that project. Maybe I should revisit it.
epic-agent-63's avatar
She must be drinking her milk
Sorio's avatar
I Liked This Very Much.
It is good .I like this picture.
arkansasbuck's avatar
u should do more of there!
KannelArt's avatar
:P not my character 
HopeTG's avatar
So good! ^^ <3
roxiroxi's avatar
Thirty second puberty!
garciarael's avatar
:love: Do you know just how much of a :iconrarityplz: these things are these days?
Sorio's avatar
I Like Your Rarity Pun. It Was Very Funny.
garciarael's avatar
Can't help that it's way too easy. Ironic given her name.
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