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My Bio

i have published 6 books Salmon Spirit, First peoples, Indigenous concerns, Original nations, Turtles race with bear and sky women . you can buy them on Amazon and hold an associate of arts from SUNY FM and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the university of new Mexico in indigenous history. i write children's books about native mythology . i am also working on a graphic novel called Yapa , set in a fantasy world with some adult humor and romantic comedy tropes. it centers around a race of ferret people called the kushtaka after the Tlingit myth, , in Yapa they come from a realm called TuRR, a lush tropical world with the environment of Hawaii or Okinawa. my main characters are kolohe an enchanting kushtaka girl , Jet a working office stiff on vacation and captain kit, kushtaka incompetent pirate comic relief . the other creatures native to TuRR are meant to resemble the Jim Henson , Avatar or star wars prequel style of creature creation . Sometimes dignified sometimes cute ,wacky or fetishy , always a labor of love .

Favourite Visual Artist
Gurihiro, Sana Takeda, Shinichiro Watanabe , Rumiku Takahashi , Suu Minazuki, Allen Moore, Jim Henson
Favourite Movies
Pocahontas, Avatar, Moana, Pachamama, Over the moon , the Dark Crystal
Favourite TV Shows
i like Anime
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Uttara Kuru, Rensko, Inukshuk , Hiroshima , sakuhachi sakano, 3 chikara, Te vaka, kaigan
Favourite Books
Deadpool, educational text about Native Americans, travels guides to east Asia , Shade the changing girl, Red hood and the outlaws, Avatar graphic novels, Dark Crystal graphic novels , Runaways, Green Lantern,


kemono kawaii
Polynesian voyagers
an animated show about Mayan mythology. how is it, terrible but great at the same time. their is alot to unpack so lets get into it. the cultural stuff is bad. their attempts at native art look like el tigray threw up on transformers, i would have to watch the show in real time to list all instances of this. here is one example , Maya is wearing some luchador mask and the eagle symbol looks more like a European family crest then a native totem. all the voice actors are Mexican so they have to speak Spanish every 2 seconds. Mayans had their own language Yucatan Mayan, they did not speak Spanish. the native language is only referenced for a few character names, only short words and they botch up some of the pronunciations acai. the creator of the show is Mexican and i have a hunch he did not think he had to do any research. this is the kind of stuff i would expect to see as a group of Indiana jones background natives, they have a whole kingdom of people who dress like day of
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okkos inn

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okkos inn is an extremely amazing anime movie with beautiful art that highlights Japanese culture with a mostly non violent and manageable tone. i thought it felt like a Ghibli film with some differences , it turns out director Kitara kosaka used to work for for Ghibli, fter her parents died in a car accident and had lost her memory, Oriko "Okko" Seki moves to the Hananoyu Inn, a ryokan where her grandmother works. There, Okko befriends the ghost of a boy Makoto "Uribo" Tachiuri, the late childhood friend of Mineko. He goads Okko to be a junior innkeeper. At first, Okko finds her job exhausting, but Uribo keeps her spirits up. One day, Okko invites a disheveled man and his son to the inn, since it "rejects no one". The staff learn about his late mother and Akane end up opposing everyone. He requests a cake from the kitchen. The inn has none, but Okko feels inspired to invent a new recipe for a "hot bath" pudding resembling hot spring water. Akane and his father are impressed about
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what is worse

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bad art , good animation
Anime Juniper lee
Anime Juniper lee
amazing art, 2 frames per min
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Thank you for the favorite!

Thank you for all the favorites and support! It is greatly appreciated!:)

Thank you for all the favorites and support! It is greatly appreciated!:)

Thank you for all the favorites and support! It is greatly appreciated!:)