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Natsumeyashi Phoenix PSD



" Bryce Tree Collection " oo4 - " Natsumeyashi " PSD

Photoshop PSD(.psd) files featuring "Arabian Natsumeyashi (phoenix dactylifera)"

Prepared 5 color variations each in,
(A) general Front-Horizontal view and,
(B) a Birds-Eye view ...
... sub-total 10 images each in,
(1) 1280x1280 rendered (white background) PSD(.psd) files with,
(2) 1280x1280 transparent background PSD(.psd) files,
... "super-compressed" each articles in 7-Zip(.7z) Archive files ...
....... whole set archived again in Zip(.zip) file .....

:bulletblue: Preview image in this page ..... 1800x1800 pixel-size base featuring both "front-horizontal view" and "a birds-eye view" simultaneously, added "Natsume Ya Shi" Kanji letters on it as upper layer. Note ! the original images in all files are without this upper layer ... :)

- Rules -
You can use my stock freely on deviantART community !
But you have to credit my account in the description of your any work, and please send me a link to show me how and what you have used and created with my stock.
You can use my stock freely outside of deviantART community If it is for "Non-commercial-use" and make link to my deviantART page for credit individually.
"Commercial-use" of my stock is not allowed under any circumstance without my official permission !

Have a fun !

Natsume-Ya-Shi(棗椰子)... "phoenix dactylifera" in Japanese pronunciation. The written Japanese Kanji letters are as same as Chinese traditional Han-zi letters, although it is well known written as Hai-Zao(海棗) among the Chinese societies.
:reading: Date-palm-tree (棗椰子, 海棗)"Phoenix dactylifera"... wiki ... [link]

:addtodesktop: Same contents in other formats available ...
:bulletyellow: Gimp Document Image XCF(.xcf) file set(26.2MB) at here, [link]
:bulletpink: TIFF+PNG set(29.4MB) at here, [link]

:blowkiss: Enjoy !

:house: PSD set featuring other Cycad or Palm-trees also available ...
oo1 ... Sotetsu cycas revoluta Cycad set(21.5MB) at here ... [link]
oo2 ... Binrou areca catechu Palm-tree set(25.4MB) at here ... [link]
oo3 ... Shuro trachycarpus wagnerianuys Palm-tree set(21.7MB) at here ... [link]
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oo6 ... Aburayashi elaeis guineensis Palm-tree set(23.7MB) at here ... [link]
oo7 ... Nippayashi Shui-Ye nypa fruiticans wurmb Palm-tree set(18.4MB) at here ... [link]
oo8 ... Hoki Birou livistona chinensis Palm-tree set(25.4MB) at here ... [link]
oo9 ... Ohgiyashi borassus flabellifer Palm-tree set(25MB) at here ... [link]
o10 ... Sagoyashi metroxylon sagu Palm-tree set(12.9MB) at here ... [link]

:ambulance: Covering those 10 articles in one set under the "Nendoloidol" icon set Volume 01 as below listed also available at my main account ...
:bulletred: 128x128 pixel size Dock Icon Set(15.3MB) at here ... [link]
:bulletpink: MacOSX icon set(59MB) at here ... [link]
:bulletorange: WindowsVISTA icon set(64.2MB) at here ... [link]
:bulletyellow: Linux-Unix icon set(13MB) at here ... [link]
:bulletpurple: Scalable Vector icon image set(41.3MB) at here ... [link]
:bulletblue: SchockwaveFlash icon image set(14.6MB) at here ... [link]
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I used your stock here:

I gave you credit and a link for your wonderful stock.  Thanks for sharing!

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