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SteamPunk Heart

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In the center of the city is 'The Heart' which powers the whole city. It's filled with cogs and mechanical devices, feeding the city with hundreds of steam filled pipes.

This Steampunk cityscape was designed for a friend for their website/forum, Procyon
This is actually my first attempt at drawing a cityscape! Was really fun to do, though quite a challenge at first. Pretty happy with how it turned out though. I also have another cityscape drawing under way, the sketch can be seen on my website.
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I would like to use this image as the key feature in a column header in an opensim, free, monthly publication, for one author. The publication is in an opensim virtual world called the Great Canadian Grid. The publication is an in-world only monthly publication about events and places in the world; it is called the GCG Sun. Each author has a header with their name and a tagline, which I would overlay or add around your superlative steampunk-romantic image. We are permission-based.
Please let me know. Thank you either way for the art. Love it.

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Is it a future Britain or America? The chimneys say Britain, the skyscrapers say a dystopian USA.
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Yo, I absolutely adore this cityscape. I love how you managing to blend the colours in the background so smoothly! I'm writing a steam/diesel punk inspired book and was wondering if I could use this as it's cover? (been searching for a good one for ages xD) Obviously I'd give credit to you and point people in the direction of your gallery and stuff! 
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You gave me something, so I'll give you a critique! This is for ProjectComment by the way.

I had a steampunk roleplay going once. It was a lot of fun. I'd love to start another one. Being a Trigun fan, steampunk is a fun universe to me by all means. It's plenty of fun to mix old world Europe and the American outlaw west with modern day technology. I'm amazed that there isn't more stuff based around it! Or that could just be me and my pickiness.

I really like this. It really captures the essence of the steampunk universe. There's plenty of the Neo-Victorian stuff in there, what with pointed, gothic buildings and closely clumped environments. The steam coming out of the more industrial places is emphasized, but not intoxicating, showing that this is not a dystopia. I really like this. It could be a good reference (and no, I'm not asking for that, just making a small joke).

Even the somewhat dull colors can be seen in a positive light. They combine the mixture of class and slum of the Victorian era with the industrial times of that period. I bet there's a lot higher technology inside those buildings. Maybe it's from those 'Old Ones' that they write about? Get it? Enough about that.

I really can't find anything to criticize in this. It's just wonderful. You have done a great service to the art world. I'll have to look up more steam punk. Welcome to The List.
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Sorry I'm so late replying to this but aah whoa, thank you so much for the kind words!
I'm glad you like it. I tried out a lot of colours in the end, but this sort of colour scheme worked the best, like you say it has that sort of industrial feel but mixed with the steampunk style.
Thanks again! :)
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I like that this isn't an alternate earth, but somewhere else. The style is universal.
Hey I'm writing a novel for NaNoWriMo and I was wondering if I could use this as the cover for it? (I'd give credit of course (: )
So, um, would it be cool if I used this image for the background of a credit card? Pretty please? :D
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That's fine by me :)
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Wow great job! I like the clear atmospheric perspective effect going on, and the bright lights indicating dim and light windows. The misty smoke really adds to the atmosphere. I love the bright moons too. A nice touch to mystery of the piece :D
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this place is so creepy and so cool! I loved it!
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like this cittyscape
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Quite impressive. Beautiful work
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Wow that is fantastic! I absolutely love the values in the sky and how well the city is captured right in the center of it all. The texture of the whole thing gives such a gritty feel complimenting that steampunk theme. Awesome work :)
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Thank you very much! :D
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