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N2677 Orchid

ID: N2677
N2677 Padro Foal Design for KaitlyNicole

name: Orchid
age: 4 years
gender: female

breed: Pure Padro

breeding spots: 9
build: medium

geno: Ee aa nR nf nSpl nLp nGl nLrx mednSpk
blue roan splash snowflake LEROUX (flaxen Glow carrier)
medium one color speckling
mane stripes: Leroux
rare points: 37

------------------------------------------ SSS: 3343 NGS Khatijah 
----------------- SS: 7768 SSC Blue Cascade
------------------------------------------ SSD: 5978 SSC Kung Fu Padro 
Sire: K2951 NGS Nodin
------------------------------------------ SDS: 206 Electro (DECEASED)
----------------- SD: 3382 Karma
------------------------------------------ SDD: SPS Adnan 572

Continued from SSS:
SSSS: 956 Dragon Slayer
SSSD: 1202 WMS' Endless Euphoria 

Continued from SSSD:
SSSDS: 347 WMS' Raised on Rock
SSSDD: 374 LCS Rye Whiskey

Continued from SSD:
SSDS: 1299 Someone Called the Cavalry
SSDD: SSC A Sweet Promise 1659

Continued from SSDS:
SSDSS: 1052 BSS Akon
SSDSD: 1402 Show The Heaven To The Angel

Continued from SDD:
SDDS: 428 Starkiller
SDDD: 710 Ruby Red 

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: 3908 AVE Poison Places
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: Olympia 7611
------------------------------------------ DDS: 1491 HTS Anarore
----------------- DD: RWS Anti Freeze ID 4770
------------------------------------------ DDD: 2789 Tangible Sense of Regret

Continued from DDS:
DDSS: 65 HTS Lost In A Neon Sky
DDSD: 983 NGS Avasan

Continued from DDSS:
DDSSS: 537 HTS Skyfall
DDSSD: 376 Lost Highway (DECEASED)

Continued from DDSSS:
DDSSSS: 47 Inara
DDSSSD: 432 NGS Desiderata**

Continued from DDD:
DDDS: SPS Purple Haze 2664
DDDD: RWS Century of Thrills ID 2481

Continued from DDDS:
DDDSS: 2432 WMS Glowing Peppermint
DDDSD: 3137 BVBL Raining Blood

Continued from DDDSS:
DDDSSS: 1668 Lucifer's Flood
DDDSSD: 2006- Mystery Skull

Continued from DDDSSD:
DDDSSDS: NGS End of the World* 267
DDDSSDD: 932 UREC Faerie Wars

Continued from DDDD:
DDDDS: 1558 When the Lights Go Out
DDDDD: 664 Devil's Dancefloor (DECEASED)

Continued from DDDDS:
DDDDSS: 1668 Lucifer's Flood
DDDDSD: 662 Observer Drift

class: uncommon II
generation: 8th

user // padro // foal
[I require slot to foal]

1) :bulletgreen: KaitlyNicoleN6794 RAS Kalimera
2) :bulletgreen: KimboKah 
3) :bulletgreen: Mimi-McG 
4) :bulletgreen: KaitlyNicole // 
N2759 Dat Ash is Fine
5) :bulletgreen: KaitlyNicole // 
N3199 Ignition*
6) :bulletgreen: HaloSon // 
SSC Scaredy Ghost N2331
7) :bulletgreen: neritiq 
8) :bulletgreen: AshTheDreamer 
9) :bulletgreen: KaitlyNicoleN5690 Isidore [Leo Leroux Stakorn Stallion]

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