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N2675 Gryp

ID: N2675
N2675 Padro Foal Design for KaitlyNicole

Name: Gryp
Age: 6 years
gender: male
breed: Pure Padro

bio: Long lost younger brother to Arlo and Jay, separated from his herd and family when he was a yearling.
He has traveled the islands alone since then, feeling a sense of abandonment. He is untrustworthy of strangers and often keeps his distance.

personality: distant and weary 

sexual orientation: straight

mate/crust: The Du'Lac Sign | 6333
family: Padro I 2383 Leo I info [father], Padro I 5345 Jazlyn I ref [mother], 
8755 Arlo [brother], Jay [sister]
best friend: n/a
friends: n/a
enemies: n/a

breeding spots: 8
build: medium

geno: Ee aa nD nCh nSpl nLp nAra mednSpk
classic champagne dun splash ARMAS (blanket carrier)
medium one color speckling
mane stripes: yes
rare points: 27

class: uncommon I
generation: 6th

------------------------------------------ SSS: 1246 Gabriel's Horn of Truth [deceased]
----------------- SS: SPS Bite the Bullet 1376
------------------------------------------ SSD: 1678 Courtesy Call
Sire: Padro I 2383 Leo I info
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: SPS Belladonna 1129
------------------------------------------ SDD: 

Continued from 1246 Gabriel's Horn of Truth:
-----------------------SSSSSSS: NGS Xola 691
-------------SSSSSS: NGS Shank 587
-----------------------SSSSSSD: NGS Kenia 497
-----SSSSS: ID 1034 - Twilight Omens 
--------------SSSSSD: 845 NGS Sanaz 
----SSSS: Devils Tramping Ground 1098 [deceased]
1246 Gabriel's Horn of Truth
----SSSD: SPS Adroushan 920
-------SSSSD: 928 NGS Cherished Starburst 

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS:unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: Padro I 5345 Jazlyn I ref
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

user // padro // foal
[I require slot to faol]

1) :bulletgreen: Mimi-McG 
:bulletgreen: AshTheDreamer 
3) :bulletred: xIcepelt // 
The Du'Lac Sign | 6333 // N2750 Padro Foal Design for xIcepelt
:bulletgreen: zhalia-moon 
:bulletgreen: HaloSon // SSC Aurora Glow N765
:bulletred: PoolpawK2673 NGS River DeltaN6574 Padro Foal Design for Poolpaw
:bulletgreen: UnknownRidersStable 
:bulletgreen: KaitlyNicole // The Du'Lac Sign | 6333

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Thank you but feel free to remove my slot c':