We were immortal
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Magic wonders of digital art and mixed media

Worship by mysticmorning

aNabaSis by mimikascraftroom  Tandem by EvaGataArtist  Musical fun by theheek  Discovery of art. by jennystokes    The one that got away. by jennystokes

     T-01 by mimikascraftroom  Cloudtopia I by Hera-of-Stockholm 

Mature Content

Lady Chatterley by RGUS
     Dyesebel by LadyMiralys    Selen by LadyMiralys     Esperance by LadyMiralys

         Wings n Petals by Jonilug     Miralia by LadyMiralys     Of the Gods by BlackTalonArts     My Elemental (Alternate Angle) Black and White by Shadowhawk9973     Lady of June by AngelaSasser     Florhella by LadyMiralys
  Cherie Belle by LadyMiralys  Sylphe by LadyMiralys   Annet by LadyMiralys  Tarot Deck - 22 - The Fool by Odilicious     La Lettre by veroklotz     F.K. by veroklotz

     Almaryel by LadyMiralys  Girlfriends by Ikke46   Karolynn by LadyMiralys    <da:thumb id="582993214"/>     Priya by Ikke46

           noires constellations by veroklotz     Dreamer by mimikascraftroom     Augury by jojo22    

Mature Content

The Fortune Teller by Odilicious
     As per your request by Odilicious
  Yellow Bird, Wings Up by SethFitts  Closeup by YOKOKY  M14  Touch Of Hope by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM  The Three Kings by luka-basyrov-art

In the deep Mid-winter. by jennystokes  Eternal Smile by xmas-kitty  Seidhr by Markelli      Mad Seed - Garden Fauna by MadGardens    

Mature Content

Studio Session:  Missy by jjforte06

  Maybe tomorrow by Odilicious  Navegadores by AtelierGH   Flower girl by Vasylina    shroom man by sahas-hegde     Wait by vikky1991

       Abrupt Clarity by weroni    Lords of the Fallen - hand of fallen god concept by noiprox    The Bots of Andoan by GypsyH    The Babylon Fever by nahojis

 Wolverine: Evolution European Hard cover edition by simonebianchi  Alice by AllaD8  The Colors of Love by RGUS  Blind Beauty by MonaParvin    Frozen by MonaParvin

    Scene from Momotaro by markcrilley  Carmine Fields by benteschlick  *** by Rehail     Riding the Waves Of Life by vismaya    

Mature Content

The Nymph and the Shower by Hera-of-Stockholm

       A Curious Find by madaigual   Sigrid by mekheke    Sharing Secrets by Odilicious     God Emperor Leto II by ErikShoemaker


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mimikascraftroom Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :)
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KangTengri Photographer
Welcome your art :clap:
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OdiliciousHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the mentions!moonflower 
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KangTengri Photographer
My great pleasure :)
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry I'm late, but thanks a bunch for the feature!
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KangTengri Photographer
Your work is welcome :)
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veroklotz Traditional Artist
great to discover some beautiful works , thanx for including mine Giancarlo :)
KangTengri's avatar
KangTengri Photographer
It's a pleasure :)
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
Thanks for the feature, dear! :iconletylove:
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KangTengri Photographer
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Thank you so very much!! :hug:
KangTengri's avatar
KangTengri Photographer
My pleasure :D (Big Grin) 
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Nice collection of pictures. :)
And thank you for the feature.
I say thanks because I saw my picture earlier (but haven't time to watch the other pictures and to comment at that moment), but it's not there anymore (and I'm pretty sure there were more pictures too). Weird... Colon Question Mark + plz 

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KangTengri Photographer
My pleasure, welcome your works :)
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KanchanMahon Traditional Artist
What an honor, to be featured among so many wonderful works! Thank you, my friend!Heart 
KangTengri's avatar
KangTengri Photographer
My pleasure :)
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RGUSProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for including my image.
KangTengri's avatar
KangTengri Photographer
Well deserved!
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coastbeachartistProfessional Digital Artist
                   Awesome + plz  playful cat  Bill cipher party hardcore  bunneh icon1   bunneh icon14 

Hail Giancarlo!

Thank you so much for the mention in your amazing feature of outstanding DA artists. 

I appreciate your time and effort to share your favorites with all of us. Keep creating inspiring art!

Blessed be,


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KangTengri Photographer
Non problem, my pleasure :)
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YOKOKYProfessional General Artist
174331 by YOKOKY  
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KangTengri Photographer
You are welcome!
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LotteHerSecretsHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the Feature! :) 
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