The life and its double

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Perhaps nothing in the art evokes strong feelings and expectations as the word surreal, at the same time perhaps this word encompasses many meanings that in other ways can not be described. Surreal is anything that goes beyond the sensible and observable reality, everything that is outside of reality. But in other terms also describes what remains outside the box in which our mind is accustomed to perceive and categorize the reality. Surreal therefore are other dimensions of reality, deeply touching aspects of the spirit and arcane, of the imagination and the unconscious, of the dream and what is not perceptible with normal senses.
The Surrealism in the art is the style that gives voice to all this, to the very intimate part of the human soul. Artistic movement born in the early 1900s, predominantly in the painting, then moved in other arts such as photography, with incredible results. Even today the works of René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Paul Delvaux, Juan Miró, André Masson, Giorgio De chirico, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Gilbert GarcinLe, hitting our eyes and our minds, free and disturbing a deep part of our being and are an ephemeral mirror to frame what you can not grab it with the normal feelings of everyday life. A my tribute to the many new artists
and works that have caught my attention on DeviantArt. Fabulous!

Moved on to the peace land by Antoshines Agnus Dei ...maybe. by CouchyCreature<da:thumb id="370566963"/>
<da:thumb id="396512892"/> Masquerade by CaryAndFrankArts Tristesse by DariaEndresen
The autumn of life by DeniseWorisch Shepherd by AbbeyMarie<da:thumb id="389255957"/>
Persephone UPDATE by FurorArt<da:thumb id="388677884"/> Music can change your world by Redanshy

Mature Content

we were soldiers once . . . by MililaniMak
pre+lude by MililaniMak<da:thumb id="349763484"/>
<da:thumb id="363642667"/> The Huntress by KingaBritschgi<da:thumb id="337913541"/>
How Winds Blows by jiajenn<da:thumb id="376846018"/>
<da:thumb id="364502564"/> Must Hurry, I'm Late For Work by Deorsa o by beata-bieniak

Fallin' by vikky1991<da:thumb id="371177642"/> In the Mannequins world... by EVAVESTER

Of Fish and Men by shtirliz The Musician by mariegart Naked Ambition by DeepBlueDesign
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Sorry for the delay - thanks a LOT for this fun, wonderful feature! It is a feast for eyes indeed! :heart:
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wowwwwwwww amazing gallery dear, thank you so much for including my work, Im so honored! :iconheartrollplz:
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welcome, it's great your art! :clap:
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Thank you so much for the wonderful feature,Kang!I'm honored!!:bow::huggle:
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You are welcome :nod:
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Thanks very much for the Feature!:)
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My pleasure Frank
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Thank you for including my work! :heart:
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welcome your art :)
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Excellent art!

Thank you for including my work in your feature :heart:

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Thank you very much for including me in your amazing feature! :heart: 
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Thank u so much for the feature!
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Sure my pleasure
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Thanks so much for including me in this wonderful feature. I love surrealism and conceptual art, so I'm very pleased that one of my favorite is one of your favorite as well.



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well, I glad that you like this collection :)
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Thank you so much for this wonderful feature!! :huggle:
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