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December 5, 2014
Mountain Giants by KangJason
Featured by tinycasket
Suggested by gdpr-16812140
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Mountain Giants

Did this painting a few months ago, it's sort of an expanded version of my previous mountain giant painting, wanted to take it in a different direction.


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I've created an animated version of this art, if you would like to see:…
JCM30's avatar
Amazing, what program do you use ?, I hope that someday you could do something like this with one of my works. Greetings.
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im a sucker for huge epic scale paintings like this ! love it ! the expression on the closest giant is spot on ! "go away puney humans"
Army guys might be a dental hygiene team doing some customer's home service!!
alithking's avatar
Amazing artwork, congratulations! Clap :o (Eek) Shocked 
naren206's avatar
Awesome work :) I like the!! awesome :)
umbatman's avatar
awesome, another DD
Good Lord!  That would be absolutely terrifying to see that in person!  They must be at least over a hundred meters tall!
EdoDave's avatar
Wow. I love how imposing, massive, imposingly massive and massively imposing they look.
Stay extremly quiet and hide or runlike hell. Or the giants will crush us
JoanRedondo's avatar
Could it be inspired by "El Coloso"? 

Awesome work btw.
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Wow this is mindblowing impressive!
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SICK! To think perhaps giants may have walked the world as well. This Painting is amazing! 
Anonymous-Goose's avatar
Fucking awesome! 
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Here's the tale it spoke to me...

Once upon a time King Krohan of Zinkaria ventured with his best 100 knights far to the north to make a Great Pact with the Mountain Giants who dwelled there.   He and his men were never heard of again, and thereafter the kingdom fell into ruin and is no more.
TheWarOfTheRing's avatar
Krohan must be an idiot. Still, points for bravery and effort, if nothing else :D
Anonymous-Goose's avatar
Nice little tale. 
spitfire-panda's avatar
Amazing!  That army had better have lots of artillery to survive those giants lol
what they need is that sword from shadow of the colossus and BOOOM!
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what an epic scene
Darknimbus3's avatar
Hell with Mountain "Giants..."  How about "Mountain Titans"?? lol 0.0
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