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Twilight - a summary

By kangel
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:icongo-on-plz: I don't know what I'm doing with my life anymore. This.

I caught some kind of super stomach bug over the weekend and I'm still pretty ill. Let's blame this on that. I thought it was really funny when I was drawing it.

I don't really know what happens in Twilight, not all of it anyway. I know bits....

I hope you like this, it took bloody ages (I know, I don't know why either)

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RTNightmare's avatar
Years later and I come back to this. Holy crap! It's still good and extremely accurate. :lmao: I'm dying from laughter. How are you this funny?
kangel's avatar
ahaha thanks :D 
Panel 47 was the text of my high school graduation speech.

Seriously, great twist on a familiar theme.
CorvusAstrum's avatar
I never read the books. Nor watched the films. Well okay that's not completely true. The second film was on TV and I fell asleep after 5 minutes. If that counts idk-
BUT if Twilight really is like you summed it up here it must be hella funny to watch with friends. Yknow. The many friends I don't have. Love me pls
Yobi-chan's avatar
Wow! Now I don't have to read the books, thanks! I think this pretty much sums up about what I've heard about it : D
Cryshads's avatar
Aaaaaand thats why everyone thinks Vampires sucks dong....

i hate this movie...and i didnt even watched the full movie..anyway......burn it...kill it...

Your comic is Awesome xD!!
loveartwork's avatar
omg this is freaking hilarious yes u are exactly correct this is what happens in twilight lolxD
Voltex12345's avatar
they mean "wolf men" right?
those are not werewolves, those are wolf men
Chinesemashmellows's avatar
lol bella: edward the bay is killing me. dont save me
DigitalRippleARTs's avatar
This... deserves a DD! Seriously!!!!!! :D
bunnyshadows's avatar
oh god that could not have been summarized better
SheTheTDE's avatar
this makes the movies seem so retarded but it's pretty much exactly what happened.
lightdark0123's avatar
Wow, I loled at whole thing. Love your comic.
Shinigami--Apples's avatar
XDD This is the best summary ever.
The-Skykian-Archives's avatar
I lol'd, I lol'd so hard.
NoreyDragon's avatar
That's a sexy baby.

You are amazing :D I laughed so hard, it's so awesome!
MariannaNight's avatar
best 2 mins in my life.
WritingGlasses's avatar
I want to see a movie of this.
AnimalLover89's avatar
This is what Twilight should of been like!
Pie-InThe-Sky's avatar
I would honestly have liked those books if this was the exact story!
Claytonofbricks's avatar
Totally exactly what I got out of Twilight.  Nicely done.
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