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Twilight - a summary

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Published: November 20, 2012
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:icongo-on-plz: I don't know what I'm doing with my life anymore. This.

I caught some kind of super stomach bug over the weekend and I'm still pretty ill. Let's blame this on that. I thought it was really funny when I was drawing it.

I don't really know what happens in Twilight, not all of it anyway. I know bits....

I hope you like this, it took bloody ages (I know, I don't know why either)

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RTNightmareHobbyist General Artist
Years later and I come back to this. Holy crap! It's still good and extremely accurate. :lmao: I'm dying from laughter. How are you this funny?
kangel's avatar
kangel General Artist
ahaha thanks :D 
RTNightmare's avatar
RTNightmareHobbyist General Artist
RedStarryNight's avatar
Panel 47 was the text of my high school graduation speech.

Seriously, great twist on a familiar theme.
CorvusAstrum's avatar
I never read the books. Nor watched the films. Well okay that's not completely true. The second film was on TV and I fell asleep after 5 minutes. If that counts idk-
BUT if Twilight really is like you summed it up here it must be hella funny to watch with friends. Yknow. The many friends I don't have. Love me pls
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Yobi-chanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! Now I don't have to read the books, thanks! I think this pretty much sums up about what I've heard about it : D
Cryshads's avatar
Aaaaaand thats why everyone thinks Vampires sucks dong....

i hate this movie...and i didnt even watched the full movie..anyway......burn it...kill it...

Your comic is Awesome xD!!
Thunderclan-Cat's avatar
Thunderclan-CatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Tru story
loveartwork's avatar
omg this is freaking hilarious yes u are exactly correct this is what happens in twilight lolxD
Voltex12345's avatar
Voltex12345Hobbyist Digital Artist
they mean "wolf men" right?
those are not werewolves, those are wolf men
Chinesemashmellows's avatar
ChinesemashmellowsStudent General Artist
lol bella: edward the bay is killing me. dont save me
DigitalRippleARTs's avatar
DigitalRippleARTsProfessional General Artist
This... deserves a DD! Seriously!!!!!! :D
bunnyshadows's avatar
bunnyshadows General Artist
oh god that could not have been summarized better
SheTheTDE's avatar
SheTheTDEHobbyist General Artist
this makes the movies seem so retarded but it's pretty much exactly what happened.
lightdark0123's avatar
Wow, I loled at whole thing. Love your comic.
Shinigami--Apples's avatar
Shinigami--ApplesHobbyist General Artist
XDD This is the best summary ever.
The-Skykian-Archives's avatar
The-Skykian-ArchivesHobbyist General Artist
I lol'd, I lol'd so hard.
NoreyDragon's avatar
NoreyDragonProfessional Filmographer
That's a sexy baby.

You are amazing :D I laughed so hard, it's so awesome!
MariannaNight's avatar
MariannaNightHobbyist Digital Artist
best 2 mins in my life.
WritingGlasses's avatar
WritingGlassesHobbyist Writer
I want to see a movie of this.
AnimalLover89's avatar
This is what Twilight should of been like!
Pie-InThe-Sky's avatar
Pie-InThe-SkyHobbyist General Artist
I would honestly have liked those books if this was the exact story!
Claytonofbricks's avatar
ClaytonofbricksHobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally exactly what I got out of Twilight.  Nicely done.
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