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Stay Fantastic

By kangel
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Feeling down or unmotivated? Let these buff animals help :) 

(Check out the kickstarter if ya fancy


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The most motivating thing EVA
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did you make this for all hail hyena?
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No but I let them use the pics :) 
mistercrab8539's avatar
ah cool, yeah i saw them in manchester earlier this year when they supported grandaddy, they were quite good
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I-I-I just can't...haha i just can't take that srrsly ahahahahah.
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This made me laugh in my darkest hour in life. I cannot thank you enough.
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I'll think about them their advice every night
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I'm inspired. Keep up the great work.
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I'm crying this is so good
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I find it funny. Random flexing buff animals saying motivational stuffXD
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Looks like my FA account :lmao:
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haha that's great.
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It makes me think of the game "Mount Your Friends"
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I'll print it and put it in my room. If someone ever asks me about it I'll just say it came with the house. 
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Aha :D It sealed the deal! 
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Stupid sexy animals trying to make me feel good
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