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I don't know what that means cat ...

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Me and my Sister got a cute dumb clumsy Cat.
Who tries to hide behind a Glass or someother stuff.
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My brother's cat does stuff like this all the time... yesterday I was hanging out the washing and he decided it would be a good opportunity to stick his face by the window and meow non. stop. Then of course he fell down and continued meowing.

Cats are weird. 
PinkAxolotl's avatar
Exactly like my neighbours cat...
Two weeks later I found paw prints
oll over the bathroom but no cat :3

Really cute comic!
Love your style and
your ideas a lot.

Thank you for make me smile a lot.
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Hahahahah XD I can only guess by owning cats for years that it means they want something but they're not sure what, mostly it's your attention and companionship, but also to play and for you to run after them around the house XD
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weird - I thought there was a 90% chance that 'meow' meant 'feed me'
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That's cute.  My cat is too lazy to meow at me, she just stares at me and when I look at her she walks away.
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what are they trying to tell us ... 
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When the time comes, don't say it didn't warn you!
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Awwww, very very nice and funny! Heart 
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"im a ex-homicide inducer"
"and i like furrie porn" 
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What a scamp! 
randomperson35's avatar
Wouldn't it be normal porn for an animal?
robotranicrex's avatar
thats bestiality 

furries are in anatomy sense humans with fur 
panzer-i's avatar
at least someone knows the difference

good on ya
CooBoo-Saber's avatar
People who own cats know this is exactly what happens XD they'll meow at you from some place hidden (or hidden in their mind) but when you look at them they'll slowly die down and act like they didn't say anything
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Omg kangel! I missed you! I feel like it's been forever since you've been here. 
kangel's avatar
It has been many a day :D 
RTNightmare's avatar
I know. I missed you. Your comics are the funniest. Do you think you'll try to be a CV again? They need a C&C desperately right now. 
kangel's avatar
I'm not sure tbh, I'm really out of touch with DA still and strapped for time :( 
RTNightmare's avatar
I see. Well regardless I hope they find a CV who is as awesome as you were and are. Can't wait for more from you regardless!
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That's pretty funny XD
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