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March 29, 2010
Joys of a Pokemon Trainer by =kangel The suggester says: "Just simply funny, and a great style!"
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Joys of a Pokemon Trainer

Uploading before I go to college.
That's the kind of man I've become ....

This came about because I wanted to draw a really angry pikachu. There are several kinds of pikachu I like to draw; angry, super manly and beautiful ones like Petunia

Thanks for looking.

Edit - Thank you so much for the DD! :iconexcitedplz:
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MatthewGo707's avatar
Basically a morphed Pikachu...
LolliRu's avatar
It will eat your face off
Poofielove's avatar
NNuuuuuooo let me run y u do dis
txmmie18's avatar
Wow! Dawn face is the face I make when i get yelled at. LOL
PokeArtist123's avatar
Every time a zubat or wobbofat comes
coconutstevio92's avatar
That might be scary to experience as a trainer. XD
Your-new-friend's avatar
To be honest the first time I saw this I thought that Pikachu was a Purugly. 

Her face tho
MC-Gemstone's avatar
that is one wild Pikachu! 0-0
SCARY!!! amazing!!!
that's what wild pokemon eats
askKatyandfriends's avatar
its brvr. it has to be.
Scarbious's avatar
AKA If Pokemon was Realistic
Hawkheart29's avatar
Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball, JUSTTHROWTHEDAMNBLLALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!
CloudWhisp29's avatar
I got a good laugh at this
kangel's avatar
Good to hear :D 
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