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Adventures of an annoying cat

My cat is such a brat, I love him :meow: !!!

He's just been chewing on my sketch book that I've been painting in for the past hour :noes:
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He just wants attention.
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Hahaha that's what my cat does... Such a lazy butt. 
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It's Firestar when he was a kittypet!
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o my god my cat does that all the time and it drives me nuts! but i still love her! anyone know how 2 get them 2 stop?

btw good job on your comic very funny... cuz its so true
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:lol: I don't know if you can stop them :noes: .....
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I know this cat... she is currently scratching me in order to get attention....
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My cat tries to nom on my laptop o_O
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Hahaha cute :D
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Cats do things just to piss you off I swear lol. I have two and they drive me nuts most of the time but I love there kitty faces so its all good
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Recent studies agree with you
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Haha :XD: It's hard to stay mad at them! :giggle:
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I know especially cuz they seem to know they did something bad so give you the tilt head look and your like "damn you for being cute"
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:giggle: It's a trick they've mastered! No one is immune from it! :lol:
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Oh i know it and they do to. have you ever read neil gaimans sandman? if so or if not you should read the issue called "the dream of a thousand cats" pretty awesome and it makes alot of sense
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I will keep an eye out for it! :D :la:
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My cat does the same exact thing. She perfers to take a dump in the hallway rather than her litter box 5 steps away. Her 4 week old kittens are better at using the litter than her. But i still love her,
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:lol: Haha aww XD
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