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the wanderer at dysengarder

[The wanderer is an ongoing, longform series that combines illustration and text]

The full text found on the photograph translates to:

"It's been almost 170 years since I've been here, in Dysengarder. I don't even think it's called that anymore. There's no more settlements here.

"Here, I'm boiling water for squab. I have the Lott-Geggenstand ready because I heard Fue-Geggenstand in the distance. They were just passing by, though. They didn't stop. I miss having a Fue."

The second note seems to have been added later, after asking The Wanderer what specifically he was doing in the image. Many factors point to this image being taken in the first epoch.
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This is a really interesting image- it's uncluttered and it's tells a story. The artist's comments are very engaging too!
I think it has a cool comic book feel to it and only colouring the wanderer character in a flat colour was a nice choice.
Great work!
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thanks kindly! :]