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the wanderer at a trailer door

[The wanderer is an ongoing, longform series that combines illustration and text]

This photograph did not have the traditional photographer's notes written on it, so specific information about this image, such as the year and location, is not available. Information below is generalized and has been extrapolated by referencing other studied photographs.

The Wanderer would intermittently stop at abandoned structures if they were structurally sound, or at times out of necessity, weather, or fatigue. This could be one of those times, though he often stayed at small villages during the first three epochs, during which time people often employed old trailers as dwellings or storage units until they eventually deteriorated.

It can be seen that The Wanderer is wearing a broken pair of goggles. It is known that The Wanderer would always abide by his clan tradition of covering his eyes by some means as often as possible. The most likely explanation for the broken goggles is that he simply had not found new ones for some time.

If that's the case, his clothing indicates that he might not find more for hundreds of years, or ever. When the knowledge of clothcraft was lost, clothing degenerated into a loosely fit shamble of blankets and strips of cloth, as is seen here. The likelihood of The Wanderer finding a new pair of sunglasses at this point is remarkably low, and the trailer behind him would surely be a mere skeleton.

The distance of the photographer to the subject denotes a period where the Photographer's Legacy would come in close and regular contact with The Wanderer, this would seem to indicate a first or third epoch time frame for this image, nothing more specific can be ascertained.
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