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the wanderer and 'Morico'

[The wanderer is an ongoing, longform series that combines illustration and text]

The full text found on the photograph translates to:

"39, -102
Morico was talking to The Wanderer about a settlement eight days east called Fors Collen."

First epoch image. The suffix -ico was added to names by The Photographer's Legacy to indicate a scholarly or religious status. It's likely that the Morico in this image was their cartographer.

Fors Collen was a large settlement in the southern central region of the northern Americas continent. It thrived in the first epoch, but it was abandoned during the second as the land became unusable.
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oh such a minimalist approach to a landscape is AWESOME

masterfully done
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Totally gorgeous! I love vast landscapes like this. You really get a sense of scale for how spacious the world is.

Great design too! It says a lot even while being very minimal :)
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thanks so much!!
right back at you, looking at your gallery, REALLY impressive work!!!!