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commission for tann

this was a fun project!

he gave me a song to listen to and base a pic off of. i ended up with the idea of a futuristic, contrasting rococo/minimalist world, in which his two characters are some manner of dignitary or viceroys or something.

i had SO MUCH FUN drawing the rococo elements, although most of them ended up being more baroque what with the symmetry and all that. the buildings were especially fun. i tried to add more detail to the modern aspects of the buildings but it looked really awful and cluttered and distracted from the baroque elements, so i left them very minimal. i also tried to add window shine elements but that also distracted. honestly, besides the golden ornamentations, colour was a secondary thought, i really focused on lines here.

ANYWAY BLAH BLAH. with pics like this, where the characters have been put into a totally different setting than they are usually in, i think of them as acting in a movie or something. what would this movie be called and be about, you think? if i wrote it, it'd probably end up like barry lyndon in space, hahah

also this pic took a long time
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Woah!Now this is pretty cool.
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I agree on the clothes. Reminds me a bit of moebius. Great Palette!
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thank you :) i have been compared to moebius before, it is extremely flattering every time!
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I'm really digging those airship designs! I've actually been doing the opposite with my stuff lately. Trying to use less lines and define detail with more color.
I really like those clothes. What an interesting little universe you've created!
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thanks man! i usually do the same, try to minimize lines, but for baroque style details the lines are really just too fun to resist doing