Ghost Train - The Untold Story Of Timothy Part 7

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Thomas had spent most of the next day, working on the main line with Gordon, Henry and James in helping them with their heavy express trains. Later that evening, he took some coal trucks to the docks and then some shunting before he went to take a group of workmen to the viaduct, which was in needs of inspection. The little blue engine was now feeling tired and worn out. He then headed into a siding where he had to let James pass through with the Express. The night was clear with a full moon. Soon, Thomas was out of the siding and turned off the main line, heading back on the branch line. But as he got closer to home, the fog came down, very thick and heavy. The driver and fireman found it very hard to see from the cab windows or even by looking out. Then out the bloom a much thicker layer of fog flooded in and totally blinded Thomas and his crew. With quick thinking, the driver slowed him down and brought him to standstill.

"We'll wait here until the fog clears." he said.

"Good idea," agreed the fireman. "There's no way we're gonna continue on in this."

Thomas agreed as well. But only after a few minutes, he and his crew could hear the sounds of another engine approaching... but the fog was just so thick that he couldn't tell whether it was coming from behind or in front of him. Then he heard it's whistle, followed by a echoing voice lurking in the darkness. At first, Thomas felt very afraid and tensed but he managed to put on a brave face as the sound got louder and louder. Thomas closed his eyes and then said in the bravest way as possible, "Come on out and show yourself! You don't scare me!"

Thomas slowly reopened his eyes and looked ahead of him... and there he was... the Ghost of Timothy... standing a few inches from his buffers, staring evilly at him. Thomas' driver and fireman could see him too and felt his icy cold presence but they along with the blue tank engine did not back down.

"HELLO THOMAS!!!!" Timothy said in his demonic voice. "WE FINALLY MEET FACE TO FACE AS IF WE WERE DESTINED TO!!"

"...Timothy..." replied Thomas in a tone of near shock but had a wide eyed and brave expression on his face. "So the rumors and stories about you are true... you are for real."

"Ah, so you have heard of me..." Timothy replied, still looking demonic at the blue tank engine. "But you've forgotten or perhaps chosen to forget, that I was the one who lead the way for you... you and your brothers and sisters... I was the first of our kind to become the best... but no, I wasn't... you soon came into being and took that place!"

"I was way too young to even know you," Thomas said. "Besides, we never spoke nor were we friends! So how can you say all that! All I know of you is that you were kept lonely but always smiled to everyone. But I guess you never like that in the inside... were you. The last time I was told about you is that you went to Sodor and that was it... you became nothing more but a forgotten memory... but Timothy... you do know that I'm last of my surviving brothers and sisters. I still live because I am important to people, I was special and had the pride of a tank engine... something that you once had before you became this evil and twisted freak of machinery, a dark side of a near mirror image of my very self. I carry the memories of that fact that my own kind was mostly wiped out and I was the only one to survive... that scarred me for life... I lost everything... the feelings of love that me and my brothers and sisters had for each other as a family... it was all destroyed! I've hidden all this away  but until now, with you doing all this haunting and terrifying the branch line and now at last seeing you in person, has brought all of those memories back!"

Timothy gave a sick and devilish grin like the devil himself.

"That's right! All the memories you wanted to forget... all the feelings you didn't wanted to accept! You have to remember me! Let's suffer together! Suffer with me!"


"SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!" Timothy said, his demonic voice now sounding more evil than ever. "YOU DON'T KNOW THE REAL TRUTH!! THAT WAS NOT EVERYTHING...THAT WASN'T THE END!!"

Suddenly Timothy lurched forward and before Thomas realized it, he was coupled to the evil spirit of his own kind. Timothy looked at him with total hatred and anger, his demonic face showing what was an expression of pure suffer and total rage.

"Don't think you know what happened just because you heard about my haunting past, Thomas! You don't know my suffering... you don't know sorrow... you don't know the faces that trembled in fear even though they were innocent lives that met a cruel end to their lives! The terrifying pleading from my diver, telling me not to go over the cliff, the passengers who went with me, the men, women... and children... they all died with me!! The negative emotions I had boiling up inside me and my own self forced all that suffering onto me. All that hate, paining, sadness and that suffering... Yet I have to continue it live with it... So yet how can you say that you think and pretend to feel all those terrible things I did and understand me at all?!"

Thomas felt rage wanting to be unleashed but he did what he could to fight it off...

"I can tell your in pain and in deep suffering and I want to know the real reasoning of all this, Timothy!" he replied. "What made you go to such tragic lengths to do what you did! None of my brothers or sisters of the E2 - Class ever did this! TELL ME TIMOTHY WHAT CAUSED YOU TO KILL YOURSELF? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

After all the words of pure anger bellowed out through him and into that black heart of his... the demonic and twisted face of Timothy changed... it changed into the old form of his once kind and broad smile that he showed many years ago... but as he spoke, his face showed an expression of total loss and sadness and remorse.

"Thomas.... the truth of my demise will never be known by those who are told for I took that with me, along with my victims, but all of them, except one, were unfortunate."

"All but one?" Thomas said, almost confused. "You're saying you had an enemy who hated you?"

Timothy began to explain everything.

"You see, I was only a prototype for you the rest of the class of the E2-Class when we were introduced in 1913. I was used a lot and showed that we could be useful and be reliable. I on the other hand, was to never have the service life that you and the other had. But I was wrong... I was kept with the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway and got to pull passenger trains and do fright work. But for most of my life, I was mainly doing nothing... but I even if did little work, I still considered it to be a big deal and worth doing. You and I never met much and barely spoke, but we would exchanged whistle salutes as we passed by. In towards the end of 1913, I was put to the side and retired. But that was short lived and I was handed over to Sodor to help with the railway's growth. But I was in terrible shape and due to being used so long, my parts were worn and at times was difficult to repair. But what was worst of all, was the way I was treated by the old controller of the railway. Throughout 1914, before the outbreak of World War I, I was treated badly by people who did not know to drive us engines properly... but that was because the controller assigned them to do that, to make them look like professional crew members. I never had any accidents while this happened but I was so angry and embarrassed that I rapidly lost my pride and faith in who I was... even though I smiled at other people who loved steam engines, I carried with me the shame and former shell of my former self within me and I went into deep depression. Around early 1914, I was scolded and looked down by the old controller. The fact was that he never really understood how to run railways and was only into money and greed. He later told me that after I was to take a night passenger train, I was going to be withdrawn  and later sold for scrap, mainly due to my parts being so old and over used a lot and not getting enough repairs done correctly. At this point, I was so upset and enraged, my pain burning out of control and started to plot my revenge against the controller. I didn't know it until I left, but he was on board the coaches, along with other passengers. Deep down, I knew what I going to do... and it would cost me a heavy price. As I neared the station on my journey, my driver applied the brakes but they failed and I sped up, going faster and faster. I refused to listen to my driver's plea to stop and after I got turned onto the wrong track and saw that I was heading towards a cliff, I gave into my hatred and pain and shouted out my last words of cursing and fell to my death, taking every soul with me... including the old controller, who mostly made my life a living hell..."

Thomas was left speechless.

"So... that's it... that's reason why all this has happened since. You wanted revenge on the old controller who once ruled this railway for treated you like the way he did. In the end, you got your revenge but it cost you your own life and all those people. I understand it... I understand the pain and rage you had to suffer from... but surely deep down, you had to regret what you did in shame and remorse... those other people didn't deserve to die and neither did your crew. It's time you put all this to an end and move on, Timothy. It's not worth being in this state of evil that you've been in for all these decades."

Timothy closed his eyes and was silent for a few seconds. He then muttered, "No... No..."

"What?" Thomas said.

Suddenly Timothy bellowed out in anger.


His eyes suddenly opened, they had changed again as did his face. The demonic look of a psycho had reappeared in Timothy,


Thomas suddenly realized that he had been fooled with and the evil darkside of Timothy was back. There was only one way to end this all... defeat the evil side of a once prototype engine of his own kind.
Part 7... Thomas' decides to come face to face with Timothy, wanting to know the real truth of his death... will he get the answer or will he become another victim of being haunted forever by an engine who looks like him.

Find out as this part of the dark version of Ghost Train is revealed (in my version as least)
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How long to the nex part?
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still working on it.