long time no see you
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By KaneoyaSachiko   |   
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Thank you for always seeing my art!

I'm sorry I could not reply.
Everything is very happy.

A solo exhibition and art collection will be resold in September.
Twitter has an account (sac_macaroni)so please feel free to talk to me anytime!

Always Thank you very much!!
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Happy to see you again! I wait to see your next piece of art!
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stehfuhkneeProfessional Digital Artist
i luv u
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aardvarks General Artist
The twitter URL you posted didn't work,
but here is the twitter twitter.com/sac_macaroni
in case anyone scrolls down this far lol

<3 I'm always happy when I see your art. I hope I can come some day. 
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so good to see another post from you! your art is as mesmerizing as always.
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KodiakPackStudent Digital Artist
we love you '<'
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KameChuuProfessional Digital Artist
its good to see you post and to hear you are well!
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glad to see you are okay 
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VocaloidbandHobbyist General Artist
Happy you're back! Take time off when you need it, okay?? Love you!!!!
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UltraLiThematicHobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations~~ Stay safe and well~
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BigBootyZombieStudent Digital Artist
帰りました! 展覧会にグッドラック。
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bittermauseStudent Filmographer
おかえりなさい サチコさん!
I am glad to hear everything is well for you.
May your exhibition be full of success!
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Rakugaki-otokoHobbyist General Artist
Glad to hear you are doing well and ok!
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3eepProfessional General Artist
I'm glad to see your art again! congratulations on the exhibition
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kukurooHobbyist Digital Artist
welcome back!!!
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wbknzHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you're doing well and feeling happy ! It's nice to see you around again !
Good luck with your exhibition !
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TheComicChickStudent General Artist
Welcome back!
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cleancoreHobbyist Digital Artist
It's good to hear from you, I'm glad you're doing good!
Much love!
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DrawMyOwnHobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad to see you back on here!
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nakinagiProfessional Digital Artist
welcome back!
I wish I could go to your exhibition!)
(But anyways I hope it all will go nice!)
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Yeay !! So happy to see you !! Welcome back ! 
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zackosletacosHobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome back!!! so nice to see you again!
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contortsHobbyist General Artist
welcome back!! Missed you and your art, and it was great to see your icon pop up in my watch notifications!
Glad to hear everything's good! : D
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