I have not been in touch with you for a while.
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By KaneoyaSachiko   |   
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It has been a while since I last kept in touch with you.
Always thank you for comment and a message.
I am sorry that I cannot log in very much.
Though it may take time, I all read and, about a reply to a message and comment, want to reply.
Thank you very much!

(I'm sorry for my poor English.)
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BelomeyHobbyist Digital Artist
I just found your work. And it's very different & unique. I love it! I hope you will keep making more art.
isabelmisiara's avatar
You are my favorite artist! PLEASE keep doing what you're doing. Seriously, it's fucking amazing
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RoadZeroHobbyist Traditional Artist
I 'd be glad to see something from you again.
SepiaCoerulea's avatar
It is us who must thank you for sharing your amazing art!We will wait as much as you need ^__^ Thank you so much!
nightjarlette's avatar
Thank you so much for being online and showing us your art! It's always a pleasure to see your creations.
MR-NIK's avatar
We will wait patiently Miss Sachiko ^^
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I just want to say that I love your art. :)
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NYAN-puu General Artist
I hope you post more of your art, I really love your art!
Your English isn't so bad!
There's just a few grammatical errors here and there.
But it isn't that bad!
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beefyraeHobbyist General Artist
I am glad to see that you are still alive, haha.

I am always excited to see more new art by you!
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Your style is my source of inspiration, you're a great artist! 
ShellYeah's avatar
Its all good. You do what you can.
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SunflowerInTheRainStudent Traditional Artist
That's okay. Your personal life is more important! Take care! :D
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knife-manStudent General Artist
we all love you and we're really thankful for all the wonderful art you create!! (-:
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shado-waraiHobbyist Digital Artist
It´s ok, thank you for being awesome^^
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krokoflafHobbyist Writer
You are alive. :3
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taalaruhunHobbyist General Artist
oh you are very welcome,  very much enjoy your art :D
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dead-the-rabbitHobbyist Digital Artist
ayeeeee i really like your art so much, so much that you are my idol *q* hhhhhhhhhhh
i get so excited and happy when ever i see your new art, ^q^ <333
and im glad you're back <3333 :iconbrohugplz:
You do not need to reply to every comment! We're just glad to hear from you!
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MarieFriedrichStudent Artist
I was the one who sent you a
an e-mail and you kindly replied to it.
I'm happy you are back! Looking forward to see your new updates!
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Rakugaki-otokoHobbyist General Artist
That's okay. I don't think anyone blames you. Sometimes it's difficult to maintain presence online due to things in life, and it's not anything people would blame you for. Keep up the good work!
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Tamaya-KagiyaHobbyist General Artist
It's nice to hear from you! Your work is an inspiration as always:heart:
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meatmaidenProfessional General Artist
何時も美しい イラストをうpしてをありがとうございます!♡
KameChuu's avatar
KameChuuProfessional Digital Artist
it is good to hear from you ! take your time :heart:
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ShermandingerHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to see you popping in, always looking forward to more!
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