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Well, I have to admit, I am impressed, I have never have had social activity here at DA, until recently, I decided to join a few groups and share my work with them, I was impressed how warm the reception was, people really support each other and you see how they contribute and comment and celebrate. I wish I had started before, as this allow me to see a lot of awesome stuff every day here, but I guess better late than never.

Good day!
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I finally finished my studies at the college, it's incredible the amount of time I spent there, but it's over, and I got a bachellor degree, that's all I care about, by the way, I made an online portfolio on Wix, both in spanish and english, here is the english version:!…

There you can find some of my more serious stuff, you know, corporate image, editorial design, etc.

Meanwhile I am taking html5 and french classes, always learning something new to add to my CV :)
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As you know, I bought a wacom a couple of weeks ago, and since then it has proven extremely useful, now I can directly draw in the computer and also edit some older deviations into new versions, here is one recently updated:

Also I worked a previously illustrator-only image in photoshop, I guess I couldnt avoid the temptation:

Finally, the wacom has allowed me to engage in some rather complex drawings, like this tribute to my growing necron army:

I think I may make another Age of Games wallpaper, the concept seem to have been quite popular among people, and I may visit some games.
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This has been an interesting summer, with Generals 2 announced it seems there may be a lot of opportunities for new C&C art, it seems my "Back on the Grid" wallpaper was a success since I have seen people using it, I really hope they realease more info about the game, any bit of image will be great, I think I will start a necron army, I will start with some necron warriors, since they are the basis of any necron combo and seems to be pretty easy to be painted look like the more rational option.

By the way, I have been playing Modern Warfare 3, believe it or not it's the second CoD game I go online, the first one was BlackOps, I usually played the games just for the campaigns, but I am working in my multiplayer skills, at first it was a bit hard to get used to since human players are completly different than the AI, but eventually I got a +1 Kill/Death ratio at BlackOps, right now I am doing the same with MW3, my Kill/Death ratio is 0.95, and only need 61 kills more to get it +1, small obsessions, but make life and games more interesting and funny, I hope to see more CoD campaigns in the future, you dont find modern age war settings like those in today's films and books, they are really worth the price.

Another game I have been played a lot is Retribution, I got some mod tools and increased the popcap to 600, along with the speed of requisition and power gathering, so now I can build armies as large as those seen in Dawn of War 1 and fight against 3 expert AI which literally cover the map with their units, good thing, although I miss General Sturn from the Imperial Guard, awesome character.

There is also some project back in the physical world I am engaged with, I have to make a new portfolio and also a monography to validate my hours of pre-professional practice at the college, it's a total of 560 hours, well, I have been working for 4 years in an online magazine company, so I guess I have those 560 hours.
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Whenever you upload fanart into DeviantArt you already have an important advantage for your work to be liked, there is already a fandom supported by an already stablished brand, for example, it's not that hard to make a well favoured deviation for Command and Conquer, there are already fans and you have all the required publicity and channels to show your stuff, so you will never lack people interested in watching your fanart.

Original works in the other hand are a completly different story, you are on your own, while you may use some common themes there is no real warranty it will be noticed, with no fandom prestablished, not even a well defined indication, here at deviantart you may find randomly incredibly well skilled art which no one has favoured or even visited, and then stuff which is not so cool, but it's connected with some internet meme or pop stuff that ensure at least everyone will visit at it.

Still, I personally like to tray my best both with my fanart and original works, I know the fanart have a nice chance to get people's love, sometimes the more silly the better, but  it's with my original works where I really feel I am doing something which has a value on its own.

Here are some of them:
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As promised, I have updated some of my deviations:

There are some others on the way, one of them in particular is related to certain project, but due time schedules I cant upload the file yet, I guess by the end of this month maybe.

In other news, I went through laser surgery, I no longer need glasses, it took me a couple of weeks of adjusting myself to my new eyesight, and while I am still not completely used I already can draw again, with this wallpaper of Yuriko Natsui (better known as Yuriko Omega) being my first hand-drawing work with my new laser corrected eyes, of course there is also some photoshop on the mix, as usual:

There is also a new Natasha wallpaper on my list of things to do, and then put her, Yuriko and Tanya in a single wallpaper, which I hope you all will like.

These C&C commandos wallpapers have been a great exercise, particularly because it's allowing me to learn this Claymore-like style on drawing people, to be honest, it was a bit hard for me to make anime drawings because the faces, and eyes in particular, always made the character look a bit unrealistic, and sometimes even dumb, then one day I saw a girl at the university drawing characters in a Death Note/Claymore style, it was so beautiful, she showed great craftmanship and care, so I decided I must learn to do things that way too because, while the characters are still highly stylized, they have a more realistic (and badass) look, and as an added bonus, it fits great with warrior characters, so go go go C&C commandos!
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I have decided to update some of my works to my current quality standard, this mean wallpaper sizes and a few more details, will make things more interesting and useful for those who want to use them in their desktops.
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I have been checking my DeviantArt site statistics to see what is what people look more from it and I have discovered what are you looking for when you come here, so I have decided to make a bit more of the stuff you want.

Here is my list of things you like:

-Anime styled wallpapers (with girls of course, you seem to look for them, right?)
-Huge warmachines, with lots of dakkadakka, even more DAKKA!
-Dr. House wallpapers, no seriously, I just made a 4:3 and its far more popular than most of my C&C works!
-Dead Space 2 wallpapers, also, it seems we need more of this stuff, you got lots of anime wallpapers and huge machines with lots of dakka, but not enough Isaac Clarke punching necromorphs.

Well, I have made a new Dead Space 2 wallpaper, as usual I made it in all possible resolutions so no one can miss it, remember, I am making now wallpapers in lots of different sizes, 16:9, 4:3, 1280x1024, etc, so worry not about this matter.

Finally, perhaps I should also start making Starcraft 2 wallpapers, because this game was so awesome it's worth the effort.

Anyway, have a nice october.

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I bet most of you must have noticed I have become a fan of Touhou Project, in fact I already commented it in my previous journal, let's say so far it has been the greatest discovery of the year, and probably one of the things that has made me smile more until now (and make my fingers hurt so much of keep clicking the keyboard to evade bullets), the works of the miko Reimu Hakurei and her friends seems to be a really interesting and extense universe to look into, in fact, it's actually one of the most light-heart settings I have ever find without falling in the category of boring and child oriented.

Also I am impressed by the fact one single guy could have done so much, ZUN got my respect, he has achieved what so many massive companies and studios has not, make a durable and profitable franchise with a strong a united fanbase which outstands in talent, keep the continuity of the storyline and in general become a source for a lot of art.

Still, I dont forget those who came before Touhou, special mention to the works of Robert E. Howard, as I joke with some of my friends, when I feel like I am going to surrender to a hard enterprise I remember Conan and the sheer amount of willpower the guy had, so I keep going. But just in case I remember Ciaphas Cain too, you know, this is a guy who was consumed by terror (And who would not when facing such amounf of life-threatening situations?) but never lost the objectivity of the situation and managed to survive a career where there was virtually no chance of this, so if you got to pull back, or just hide for cover then go, I mean, I really appretiate my own personal integrity and has never find such a good idea is worth to sacrifice human lives for (including mine of course), I am sure most of you will agree with me on this one.

Well, I am really happy with having a good survival instinct, it allows me to keep updating the gallery with new stuff and I am sure you find that nice too.
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So... the new year has started, and now LET THE VENGEANCE BEGIN!

Hahaha, ok, ok that was a bit too mush, still we need to apply a lot of strenght on this year to make right what resulted wrong from the last year (and decade).

In other news, I have become now an official fan of Touhou, with our beloved bird brain Chernobyl-tan (AKA Utsuho Reiuji)becoming the first character from an anime art styled franchise to join the flora and fauna of my gallery, also, this was a good opportunity to learn a bit more about anime and Adobe Illustrator, I think I wont post my work at the CNC forums, my usual place to gather acclamation from the fellows, given the fact most of them seem to have different artistic tastes, well, maybe I will have to look for another place to show my works so they can be useful to the people, because, you know, the exhilaration of making art is greater when you know it's useful for other people.
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Oh yeah, this year has been really complicated, lots of problems, challenges, adventures, works, more works and all the kind of stuff which makes a man from a boy, as longest as this learns from those experience.

To be honest, I really want to be already on Christmas, I really want that, there is this phrase "The Return of the Liberator" which has been orbiting around my head, for some reason it brings me hope, and some willpower to keep going, what is curious is that it was originally writen refering to Ciaphas Cain, a character who, I have to recognize, remembers me a bit, well, that's couldnt be that bad, I mean, despict all his flaws he got good things, and he always managed to keep himself in (almost) one piece, which is something really optimistic, oh well, I guess we all need to be optimistic we would manage to overcome the problems of every day.
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And let's ride the lightning! we are at the second half of 2009, how much one can live in just a year, adventures, challenges, in the end we keep going, we find good and bad things, we evolve, all around changes, and I got more reasons to add stuff here.

Who knows, where is the heart of a man? What is the source of his perseverance? What is the basis of his fears? How much he can put on risk to achieve what he wants?

Well, real life is pretty simple sometimes, it usually answers for you those questions, so we got more time for other stuff, like making more deviations!
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I have to say, Uprising is the best thing It has happen to the C&C franchise, no crappy multiplayer, jsut a big lot of singleplayer content, wit ha bit of hope EALA will keep going with that stuff and I will be happier, really, all the stuff in Uprising is made of WIN!
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And not just with drawings, but with maths, and I have discovered I have become good at maths after like 5 years not even trying to solutionate an average college equation, I mean, there have been 5 years of changes, 5 years where I finally developed self-confidence and courage to face and win at the challenges of life, it's so important, so vital, bring a bit of self-confidence and courage to a man and you will see he will do thing which appeared to be beyond his capabilities.

In other less metaphysical news, I am waiting for the first expansion pack of Red Alert 3, Uprising, sounds good, looks better!

By the way, dont forget to listen positive music, its great when you need to get ready for a math quiz, although you will need to study too, obviously, here is a nice track:…
Yes, that's it, version 1.0 of my official webpage is now online and working, finally, it took me a long time to finish it and correct some issues, but now it's completly operative, in months to come I will add another features, until then here is the link:

Dont forget to visit it.
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I found some really old drawings made by me long time ago, this was more than 3 years ago, even before I started the career of graphic design, those were the old days of drawing with school materials, also the time I started the path to dominate photoshop, also was a hard time, as I was in a career which wasnt for me (A.K.A Systems Engineering)

My family considered that was nice for me as is the career of this time, but since I was very young I was sure I wanted to follow graphic design, unfortunally they didnt believe me, and I didnt believe in myself, the result, more than two years lost, and in all that time I felt terrible, failing exams and quizzes all the year and be forced to repeat matters isn't something good for your mind, at least I can say I always approved at the second chance (which is something I am very proud since I lack of skills in math).

But anyway, those were other times, one day I had the courage to tell them I wanted to change the career, now I am in the right career, have started to get real laboral experience as designer and overall I am happy with myself.
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Ok, now that everything is updated I can start producing some new art, well in fact I have been already working in a secret project, but I can't reveal anything yet, that would be high treason against my team and I don't want to be executed, ok?

And by the way, you got to listen Bal-Sagoth, great band with some really epic themes, for example, "The Voyagers beneath the Mare Imbrium" and "Star-Maps Of The Ancient Cosmographers".
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So, and here I stand, I think the first thing I got to do is to upload all the best art I have done until the date, this mean lots of search online and particullary on C&C sites, then I will start adding new art, I hope this site would help me in my development as graphic designer.
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