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Yunru - Mental Omega by KaneNash Yunru - Mental Omega by KaneNash
This is Yunru:

I wasn't supposed to make this sort of stuff again, as I really didn't come to like the overall direction Red Alert 3 took (jokes get old quite fast) but I find Mental Omega a strange entity capable to pull what RA3 couldn't, perhaps is that the developer team is more interested in making cool, if bizarre, units, than just trying to make humour the players as much as possible, also, Mental Omega had no qualms using the old RA2 3D style as well as anime art where EALA decided to go with some truly ugly sort of 70s comic drawings.

Was that EALA's conceptual mistake? Trying to make things funny instead of awesome? Because there is strong difference between both things. I believe the main mission of a RTS must be to have awesome units, not amusing units, that can be a secondary objective, but never the first objective, it's not in the vein of RTS, think about it, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, Rise of Nations, the original C&Cs, even C&C3, they may have their funny moments, but the main goal was war, even if sometimes it was bizarre an self-ironic.

Red Alert 3 could have followed the path of Metal Gear Rising, which would have been an awesome thing to see, they could have kept the super-katanas, robots, physics-defying weapons and the crazy political machine as well as the modern and 20-minutes-into-the-future weaponry, but I guess that's an impossibility, for EALA.

As for Mental Omega, I feel they are doing an awesome job, in every aspect, story, gameplay, units, music (wow, music, we are into something now), to the point their timeline will be what I will come to accept as what happened over RA3.
JeagerEX Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, may I ask permission to use this artwork as a reference image in order to make or request Kisekae models? Just in case.
MichaelFloonTekka Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018
That's a nice one. I like her body gear BTW.
KaneNash Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hahaha, Yunru looks funnily small beside Stormcast-chan :D (Which actually is the case, as she is a teen while Stormcast-chan is an already grown up woman and magically augmented space-marine-style)
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December 28, 2017
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