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The Abaddon Mobile Fortress by KaneNash The Abaddon Mobile Fortress by KaneNash
A really old work from the good old days of Yuri's Revenge, in those times (obviously inspired by C&C) I had the idea of a RTS with the Allied Nations, the Communist Countries and the Third World as factions, the Abaddon was supposed to be the super heavy assault vehicle of the Third World army (their official name is a secret, who knows, maybe one day I... well...) it was armed with a main gun, and if you garrisoned infantry the secondary cannons were activated, also to bring more firepower it had a rocket battery, really useful against air targets.

Of course, there was no photoshop in that time, so all was handmade.
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Jet948 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This is great . That's how MF should look like . Armed for a bear , having LOTS of dakka ( since there is no such thing as too much dakka :3 ) can gather troops to increase dakka . Thats how it supposed to look like . Moreover it inspired me to create this as the most powerfull unit for Federation ( The protagonist faction  consisting of EU and Russia and few other states ) . It would look similar to this one and work in simillar way but it also had four heavy machine gun turrents at the top . Moreover we could upgrade it with railgun for heavy cannons , chemical rockets for AA , chaingun upgrade for machineguns and increased hull which would allow us to load more troops ( It is to consider whetever If you could choose only few of them or all :p ) and the best thing would be that since my game was in XXII century it would have an experimental shield generator . Thus this unit would cause nightmare to USA , Alliance ( the asian faction ) and other enemies of the federal people .
MrMarville Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
This design was revealed to you through a dream, was it not?
Marsuwai Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
Really cool design and well drawn.
KholdMalik Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009
Very good idea.
shamel-fuzzles Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2008
we REALLY need to be best friends..
XANAPRIME Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
oh... You are good
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February 21, 2008
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