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Necron characters

"These are my new necrons. And they shall know no lack of personality."
-Matt Ward, our Spiritual Liege.

And so they had personality, and here are those who also have miniatures, which allowed me to have some basis to draw them, from left to right:

-Anrakyr the Traveller
-Vargard Obyron
-Nemesor Zahndrekh
-Imotekh the Stormlord
-Orikan the Diviner
-Trazyn the Infinite
-Illuminor Szeras

I really hope you like this wallpaper, sorry for no different sizes, may be a motivation for you guys to emigrate to widescreen.

And as ever guys and gals your donations are very welcome:
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Say what you will about Matt Ward's handling of the fluff, he gave us some very quirky and lovable characters.
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Really really great stuff! Looks amazing!
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While I was searching for a profil pic for a necron forum, I've found this... Wow. Seriously, wow! That's a beautiful masterpiece! Personally, I use Illuminor Szeras frequently in my game as my Warlord! You've identify his obsession to learn and to discover new things (on corps, but it's only a detail) pretty well! :)

*Sorry if there is some errors, I'm better in french than in english.. ^^'
Go go Necron Rangers!!!
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I wonder what Szarekh, the Silent King looks like...
Im pretty sure they'll never give him any official artwork. But its geedubs so you can't be sure.
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id would like some feed back on a new necron-ish faction im making, is there any one whod help?
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Nice work. Though Tryzan seems a little upset. Did someone ruin his collection?
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The Blood Ravens stole it.
Hydranianspiderlover's avatar
they are magpies aren't they, bloody magpies?
Private-Funny-Man's avatar
Of course the Bloody Magpies stole it. What haven't they stole? The Golden Throne? The Skull Throne? Abbadon's arms?
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They have also stolen Isha, the Eldar Goddess of Healing, and the remaining essence of the C'tan, thus causing the Necrons to develop independent personalities.
Hydranianspiderlover's avatar
yay that is good, cause we now have Trazyn, the infinite annoyance
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Of course. But I thought Tryzan woke up during the Great Crusade.
Did they steal Tankred too? Or did they steal his booze and bit*hes instead?
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Yeah but luckily Imotekh used the backup plan he made in case Trazyn's collection gets stolen to help Trazyn steal his collection back from the Bloody Magpies
Private-Funny-Man's avatar
I see. Who knows what those Bloody Magpies have in their collection. We must remember this: Commander Hairgel's company had Custodes Armor and Bolter, but that was just his company. Who knows what the armory has.
Also, I created my own fan made chapter. I think it has potential.
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where is it? I wanna see:>
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what is the name of your own fanmade chapter
my own fanmade Space Marine chapters are the War Eagles and Komodo Raiders
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The only fault I can levy at this is that there are only 7 characters...
How am I supposed to stretch this across two wide-screen monitors?
pretty sick man very true to there being
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This is absolutely wonderful piece of fan art. Kudos my man! :D

Also, from my personal experience with Necrons (which I play):
- Anarkyr the Suicidal Barge Driver
- Vergard Pwnzron
- Nemesor Owndrekh
- Imotekh the Failstorm (sadly, bad luck here)
- Orikhan the Useless
- Trollzyn the Infinite
- Doktor Szeras Mengele ;]


PS: Care to take on your imagination and create such portaraits for ForgeWorld Necron characters?
- Toholk the Blinded
- Kultakh the World Killer
-Toholk the Cheap
-Kultakh the Angry Dude
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Form left to right

Murder Hobo, Bro, Crazy Uncle, Dr Doom, I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE STAIRS BRO!, Troll, and Dr Asshole!
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Ok man, you made my day :D
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