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Here we are, no longer officially supported, with a broken base full of mistrust and hatred, living of bittered past glories, with people who in name of their favourite games insult each other with vile and foul actions.

It seems this is our lowest end, the time when finally C&C has become a dead corpse buried at sea...

But then, it's in these times when we see who can outmatch its own tragedy, who can go beyond their own desperation and inertia and be generous, this, the darkest hour, can be our finest hour.

This wallpaper is may be for everyone in general, but I made them in particular for them, the modders, those who can be generous and make something new and wonderful by pure creative emotion, to them, who can give, I want to dedicate this wallpaper, one of my more complex works, where I put my own dreams and ideas, for these brothers, I salute them all.

Technical information

This wallpaper used my classic strategy, first I draw a sketch, which is going to be the basis of the composition, I scan it I reinforce the lines and then start building up colours, shadows and lights on photoshop. refining the colors and contrast gives it more richness and finally I add the text and the links, the process requires perseverance, but than again, technology cant replace that, hard work is the key.

Visual Composition

Scrin Star Hunter Fighters: I want to give it an puter space sensation, not just in the outer space, but in an alien space, as usual insectoid forms are welcomed, as much as the prophecy Earth will fall

Nod Avenger: the stylized shape of Nod cybernetic units and icons along with the lights want to bring it a futuristic look, ominous is a right word, after all, these soldiers have been literally dead, yet they are still alive, Death cant stop us.

Allied Fleet (Light Cruisers and Sea Eagle fighters): The seas are the basis of the western power, and the navy has always been the key to dominate it, but then again, a powerful airforce working in combination with them is vital, the ships and planes shows high technology, and yet they are serious, with a quote about tradition, yes, US navy tradition, anchors aweigh, my boys.

GLA Defender tank: a modified T72, as usual GLA uses soviet era weaponry, it has a dozer which can allow it to trench for extra protection. By the way, kafir has become in recent time one of the most grevious insults, it means in arabic "unbeliever", but not just someone who doesnt believe but actively fights against islamic beliefs.

GDI Juggernaut MK VII Artillery walker: this time GDI has come with a new design capable to bring even more firepower to the fight, 4 cannons which got a present for you.

China Conqueror gunship: The conqueror is an updated Hind ready for the battlefields of the 21st century, it has enough firepower to decimate entire enemy formations, and heavy armour capable to assimilate the most brutal punishment, also it works as a transport, which means even more firepower and strenght in numbers.

Soviet rifleman: forget goofiness and circus-like artifacts, my vision of a possible new Red Alert is one of a destroyed world contaminated with nuclear fallout and devastated and populations decimated by war, dust and smoke makes everything darker and grim. The soviets know they will have to pay a price in blood to make truth their dream of global communism, and the first ones to known it are those who volunteer in the frontlines, they know their chances of survival are minimal, but just because of that they are proud, they are putting all in, it's gonna be a carnage, yet, they have a cause to die for, which is more than enough for them, oh, and yes, I was thinking in MW2 russian when I made them.

Scrin warmonger: The mechapede MK2 if you want, it's a dangerous adaptative unit, capable of countering nearly any enemy with their different array of weapons, it reflects the scrin belief in overwhelming their enemies, always having something wicked ready to make them flee in terror. And yes, they dont care about balance.

And that's it, I still got lots of ideas for units... but well, for now it's ok.

And as ever guys and gals your donations are very welcome:
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PoliticalPipEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
As long as there are mods (which TPP may threaten) C&C will live on for a long time with Rise of the Reds and Tiberium Essence (and other projects); hopefully EA will get their heads out of their anuses and create (or remake) a new game (or begin progress on one) sometime this decade. But even then, there is a disgusting chance it will probably be a freemium mess (I'm aware of the fact that the Sims 4 has a DLC of a create your own style feature included in the base Sims 3 game) that will make you wish that it wasn't made. Seriously the had freemium plans for the C&C Generals 2 game.
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IceToaster|Hobbyist General Artist
Man Cc series is probably one of the best PC game series ive ever played, Great picture. Im glad there's always Cc players out there.
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Tevo77777's avatar
Tevo77777|Student Writer
I know, the game series is coming to an end. Don't worry, there is still mods out there.
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Wicked Epicness
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Sturm532's avatar
I would love to see more of your ideas

i Design myself just not for C&C until now
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Lord-DracoDraconis's avatar
Lord-DracoDraconis|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Gangs all (mostly) here!

- Brotherhood of NOD
- Global Defense Initiative (GDI)
- The Scrin

- Allies
- Soviets

- China
- Global Liberation Army (GLA)

your only missing:
- The Empire of the Rising Sun
- The United States of America (U.S.A.)
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KaneNash's avatar
KaneNash|Professional General Artist
Well yeah, although the USA are part of the allies, the only one I decided not to add is EotRS, I mean, it's a nice faction, but I wish EA wouldnt have gone too wacky with some of their designs, but of course that's just me.
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Lord-DracoDraconis's avatar
Lord-DracoDraconis|Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, they are a bit wacky, but the idea of an amphibious MBT, an anti-ground Mech/Anti-air Jet, an anti-air mech/Anti-ground helecopter, and an anti-air submarine/anti-surface aircraft, were cool ideas, you've got to admit...
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t2100ex9|Hobbyist General Artist
As usual, great work bro! :) LOVING the juggernaut, very detailed !
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