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Libra - Mental Omega by KaneNash Libra - Mental Omega :iconkanenash:KaneNash 2 1 Command and Conquer - Mods by KaneNash Command and Conquer - Mods :iconkanenash:KaneNash 17 5 Command and Conquer - Nod Commando by KaneNash Command and Conquer - Nod Commando :iconkanenash:KaneNash 17 3 Yunru - Mental Omega by KaneNash Yunru - Mental Omega :iconkanenash:KaneNash 16 2 Female Stormcast Prosecutor by KaneNash Female Stormcast Prosecutor :iconkanenash:KaneNash 31 1 A smiling girl by KaneNash A smiling girl :iconkanenash:KaneNash 4 0 RWBY - Beach Day by KaneNash RWBY - Beach Day :iconkanenash:KaneNash 41 1 Azyr - The Realm of Heavens by KaneNash Azyr - The Realm of Heavens :iconkanenash:KaneNash 9 0 Magicians and Sorcerers by KaneNash Magicians and Sorcerers :iconkanenash:KaneNash 15 0 RWBY - Volume 4 - Reality by KaneNash RWBY - Volume 4 - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 39 0 RWBY - Volume 4 - Blake Belladonna - Reality by KaneNash RWBY - Volume 4 - Blake Belladonna - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 26 0 RWBY - Volume 4 - Weiss Schnee - Reality by KaneNash RWBY - Volume 4 - Weiss Schnee - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 30 0 SQL - Joins by KaneNash SQL - Joins :iconkanenash:KaneNash 5 1 Warhammer 40,000 - Necron Overlord by KaneNash Warhammer 40,000 - Necron Overlord :iconkanenash:KaneNash 65 3 RWBY - Symphogear by KaneNash RWBY - Symphogear :iconkanenash:KaneNash 152 9 RWBY - Volume 4 - Yang Xiao Long - Reality by KaneNash RWBY - Volume 4 - Yang Xiao Long - Reality :iconkanenash:KaneNash 35 0
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Libra - Mental Omega
I got this one cooked a few days ago, anyway, it's good to know we are still having expansions for RA2 even after 17 years, and the best of all is that it's free.
Command and Conquer - Mods
All crates and arts belong to the respective modders:

- Twisted Insurrection
- The Forgotten
- Shockwave
- Mideast Crisis
- Rise of the Reds
- Renegade X
- Red Alert: A Path Beyond
- Mental Omega
- The Red Alert
- Tiberian Sun Rising
- Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour
- Tiberium Essence

An many others, this is just a selection, but you only have to look for more mods to find them.
Now, we are all sad and angry for the recent developments, we waited for so long, but in the end the official channel didn't bring what we expected.

It doesn't matter.

Cue awesome track:…

Look again at this wallpaper, in truth we don't lack content, because we have been creating it for more than 20 years, not just the mods, consider the maps and custom missions, the wallpapers and fanart, the remixes and music, the videos and fanfics, the technical tools and support, the tournaments and tutorials, the sites and social media, we are rich beyond measure because of your passion, yes, I know too often it's an abused word, but the evidence give us the right to use it here and now.

Don't stop, keep going, command and conquer.
Command and Conquer - Nod Commando
This one took me some days, I never liked the C&C3 Nod commando unit, as it was quite hard to take seriously her look, particularly when put alongside the rest of Nod forces, also there was the topic that it was simply too easy to kill her, just send one APC and that was it, so yeah, I added a few gadgets to her arsenal which would make her last longer. Also I worked with a very high resolution on this one, in fact the original is still larger, I decided to wait for some feedback before posting it and it actually allowed me to get this better done.

Hopefully we may get a reboot of C&C some day, hopefully indeed.
Yunru - Mental Omega
This is Yunru:

I wasn't supposed to make this sort of stuff again, as I really didn't come to like the overall direction Red Alert 3 took (jokes get old quite fast) but I find Mental Omega a strange entity capable to pull what RA3 couldn't, perhaps is that the developer team is more interested in making cool, if bizarre, units, than just trying to make humour the players as much as possible, also, Mental Omega had no qualms using the old RA2 3D style as well as anime art where EALA decided to go with some truly ugly sort of 70s comic drawings.

Was that EALA's conceptual mistake? Trying to make things funny instead of awesome? Because there is strong difference between both things. I believe the main mission of a RTS must be to have awesome units, not amusing units, that can be a secondary objective, but never the first objective, it's not in the vein of RTS, think about it, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, Rise of Nations, the original C&Cs, even C&C3, they may have their funny moments, but the main goal was war, even if sometimes it was bizarre an self-ironic.

Red Alert 3 could have followed the path of Metal Gear Rising, which would have been an awesome thing to see, they could have kept the super-katanas, robots, physics-defying weapons and the crazy political machine as well as the modern and 20-minutes-into-the-future weaponry, but I guess that's an impossibility, for EALA.

As for Mental Omega, I feel they are doing an awesome job, in every aspect, story, gameplay, units, music (wow, music, we are into something now), to the point their timeline will be what I will come to accept as what happened over RA3.
Female Stormcast Prosecutor
Because is canon, no, really, Games Workshop finally decided to do something about criticism of not enough women in the background, up to the point there are even stormcast eternals who in their previous lives were housewives, in fact, in the novel Plague Garden there is a scene where a band of stormcasts is attacked by Nurgle and start recalling the worst moments of their lives, one of them, a female stormcast started asking desperately for her children, as all stormcasts are people (not just warriors, anyone from kings to beggars) who fought valiently in doomed last stands against the forces of Chaos to the bitter end you can imagine what happened to her offspring.

The whole point of the Stormcast Eternals is to put an end to such outcomes, and for that Sigmar had to made hard choices, sealing Azyr completely, snatching away heroes who may yet have allowed to buy a little more time to beleaguered peoples, gearing his Realm resources and population for a potentially endless war against the four Chaos Gods, relinquishing the thrill of the battlefield to become an administrator and strategist, but then again "Desperation had given them the courage to attempt the impossible. And for the first time they had the means to achieve it."

And as ever guys and gals your donations are very welcome:
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Well, I have to admit, I am impressed, I have never have had social activity here at DA, until recently, I decided to join a few groups and share my work with them, I was impressed how warm the reception was, people really support each other and you see how they contribute and comment and celebrate. I wish I had started before, as this allow me to see a lot of awesome stuff every day here, but I guess better late than never.

Good day!


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I am a person with many interests, so yeah, you can expect to find me talking about Conan the Barbarian at one moment and minutes later about Lucky Star. And then talking about marketing strategies from transnational companies or having a discussion about what military hardware is better, so yeah, that's me.


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