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Morning Glory

By Kanekiru
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[EDIT] I forgot to say type this out, but thank you so much for the DD again!! >< 

this was homework for IB art


I'll type something out later 


Okay! Now I can explain. (Sorry, when I uploaded this, I had too much homework to explain anything)

This drawing was for my art class, and out prompt was based on a paper we chose out of my teacher's hand. I got morning glory, so I tried to incorporate two interpretations of it. 
One being pretty obvious, the flowers. Two, is the glorious feeling of waking up in the morning after getting a nice amount of sleep, and experiencing the glow of light seeping through the window :^) 

Morning glories are known to bloom during the morning, when sunlight is at its strongest, but their life span is very short, so they eventually die in the afternoon. Sad ;___; 
I wanted to incorporate that time frame by adding transitions throughout the composition. When I first saw reference photos of morning glories, the leaves looked similar to steps. Which is why she's leaping off them. I thought it was pretty cool, so I wanted her to be leaping to the next phase of her life, which is death. The wooden structure underneath is supposed to represent support, and the water flowing down is another life support. (Although I hear morning glories typically prefer dry soil...oh.) but intertwined with the wooden structure is a rib cage. They become more prominent by its increasing size. So, it's pretty important how death plays a role in their life (whut). Also they're alive during the day, so it makes sense to add the bg as a nice blue sky.  

Also to clear something up-- the foliage that is behind the rib cage appears through as if they're dying. So, no the rib cage is not transparent. You can see because the part of the rib cage farther in the back is not showing the sky. 

And explanation two; why I do I have a girl ?? 
WELL. Humans can be very expressive. And foliage...ehhh. Flowers can be very expressive, but not enough for my tastes. Humans on the other hand, animate things, can express feelings better. And because I said morning glory should be interpreted both ways, I used a human to make this drawing more emotional. Her body language is supposed to show off that glorious-ness of waking up! You have enough energy to do shit! ( ` V `)9 Plus, I remembered this fashion designer, Grace Ciao, who uses flower petals to design dresses and I thought it would be cool to design a anthropomorphic flower girl. (Pretty simple design though)

Aaaaand that's the gist of my background info for this.  
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ArtMaker333Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its so beautiful! Keep up the good work 😁
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LetsEatRamenHobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely work, Kane! I love the way you use colors, and the way you interpreted your theme is amazing! She's so pretty :D
Kane, did you go to an IB school? I'm going to one next year, and I'm debating about whether I should take art or not.
Kanekiru's avatar
KanekiruHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!!
Yep I did C: I didn't take the IB program, but since IB art only had like 8 students, the school was threatening to remove it, so my teacher opened it up to traditional/AP students. >< 
I still took the test though haha. 

mmmm It's kind of hard for me to answer that question tbh. It honestly depends on your willingness and in the end, is it even worth it.. 
Some universities don't even accept IB credit, let alone AP credit. A lot of my friends regret taking IB because it's a LOAD of stress and tbh...IB is super unorganized in my opinion. We were in the process of taking the IB art test, but the IB organizers told us last minute that the test was completely different?? My teacher even made us do a practice mock exam and it turned out being a waste of time because the test procedure changed. -__- 
And it's not just IB art. My friends have told me how much the rules changed for like every test. 
Also keep in mind things like CAS and the EE. (Which are also bundles of stress and to me, illogical requirements) 

However, there's also things like challenges and learning in a new perspective. I think IB focuses more on in-depth material and challenges you to actually explore and test real life things with what you've learned. AP is basically the teacher spilling info to their students, and then expecting the students to remember everything without really even applying it anything. 

So yeah! Depends on you. C: I honestly just didn't want the loads of stress. I took a lot of AP classes, but IB is muuuuuuch more stressful. 
LetsEatRamen's avatar
LetsEatRamenHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the advice! I don't know that many people who've been/go to IB schools, and this was really helpful! Considering what you said, I'll still have to think about it but it's really nice to get insight from an actual student.
Thank you Senpaiiii :D
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Stunning concept, design and even comes with a brilliant theme song by Phyrnna, magnificent.
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HiyiriiHobbyist Digital Artist
"Morning glory" sadkadkadka reminds me of one of oasis' albums!
WaterLilly19's avatar
I love morning glories. We grow them in our back yard. I also love your picture. It ia very creative I like your thought process behind it.
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Eif-kaHobbyist General Artist
I love it *-*
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Wonderful work.
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IxthArcanaHobbyist General Artist
Looks gorgeous!
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between many other this call my atention.
she is walking over the leaves!!!!! 
but, you got many other very good too.
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DizzneyGalHobbyist Artist
This is a very beautiful piece. It caught my eye right away 😊
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Jon-SmittenHobbyist Digital Artist
<3 I like the amount of thought put into this drawing. Some simple concepts and artistic designs strung together, beautifully executed by your art style. Truly a magical piece :D
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You like anime i do to my favorite ones are rosario and vampire,attack on titan,heavens lost property,and sword art online.La la la la La la la la GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) Smug Springtrap Purple Guy Sad Icon Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Nightmare Chica - GIF FnaF Icon [58] - Sad Safra 
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SAO!!! ♡♡♡
I love Yui!
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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Very lovely. Kudos!
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ChaosAndEternityHobbyist General Artist
Absolutely amazing work!
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Awesome concept and design!
luv the color scheme and pose..

I don't know if I feel that way when I wake up though. i'm more like thisSleepy Boo 

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this is amazing! 
congrats on dd! 
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JapanZeldaHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is just lovely, my god, so peaceful and magic!
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doozle-langeHobbyist Writer
It seems to me you use the most beautiful palettes.  Your choice is wonderful.  Congratulation on your DD.
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RoxyAbsintheStudent Digital Artist
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