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Happy Lunar New Year


Just updating that this will be part of the composition challenge for Feb! I didn't have time to make another piece that fit the criteria, but this one seems to work well with it even though I drew it in January; 

Composition ChallengeCHALLENGE RULES:
- you must do ALL 12 list items in order to be featured (See Raru-tan's first challenge journal for more info)
- list items to not need to be done one each month, though it is recommended
- in the description of your artwork for this challenge, link back to this entry so that I see it and know to feature it when the time comes
- you are welcome to use this as a reference without participating in the challenge, if you do so, linking back to this is not necessary

This challenge was made by :iconRaru-tan: Their features -- >
I was tagged in their challenge and really struck me as an interesting challenge to do. A lot of people ask me about my inspirations and how I learn composition. Here are a few of my inspirations that helped me improve my composition. Hopefully they help you too. :) Most of these were taken from my favorites. 
Keep in mind that some of these utilize multiple compo
  2017 Composition ChallengeUpdate: Hey guys! I've created an FAQ to hopefully answer some questions you may have on how to follow the challenge so that you can be featured at the end!  2017 Composition Challenge FAQ
I've also changed the rule about going in order being optional. Submitting them in order is now required because with the amount of people expected to participate (which I'm so blown away by, wow!), it's just going to be hectic for me to sort out the features if they're not in order.
Thank you in advance for understanding, I hope you still plan to join!
Since I couldn't find an existing challenge like this, I've put together my own! Not all the things on the list are composition elements, but they certainly will give you a bit of direction on how to set up your piece.
I will be doing one of these each month, and I'd like to invite my watchers and anyone who is seeing this, do try
Solo Ensemble by Kanekiru


For Vietnam's new year (Tết) 

I lined this so fast..but planning the colors was so slooow for me oops; 
ANYWAY I did a rooster themed Ao dai, with an extra fabric piece on the sides and a sash. 

I enjoyed the feather colors. \o/ 
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thirdheir brought me here
moosterbrendan's avatar
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I always love your blending of colors.  This is so stunning
Sorano-Meryl's avatar
Amazing! This is beautiful!
heytisrae's avatar
This is so gorgeous!!!
Miridith's avatar
This is so beautiful!! I love how you make this BG and shading of character~!! Ahh... I fall in love!! Great work sweetie! :heart:
JapanZelda's avatar
Wow, that's amazing, I love it so much!
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pure awesomeness!
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the wispy lines and colouring styles are spectacular : D
colours scheme is reallyg reat oo
:iconcikru: reminds me of you ^^
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*le gasp* how you do this!?!?!?!? she looks so pwetty!!! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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I'm pretty sure I commented on this already, but this is my personal favourite composition you've made. I don't know why but whenever I see it around I just have to take a moment to look at it properly since it is so perfectly beautiful.Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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You did a great job with colours, with everything!!
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I am so in love with your art Kanekiru. Just, absolutely beautiful
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Yes yes I'm enjoy it thoroughly, this is marvelous

 English language is so limited with words I wish I could just describe how I feel after watching this
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ya thanks you. everyone in Vietnam like me will so happy when they see this
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This is beautiful. *stares with stars in eyes*
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Beautiful:). She looks graceful :)!
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Đẹp quá. Yêu Tết Việt Nam 😘😘😘
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