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Akane rkgk
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Quickie of Akane 
(yes I know the flowers on the kimono in her reflection are non existent-- I was rushing and I hated how the reflection didn't work out Lol) 

Need to finish a lot of things ;v; 
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Comments (76)
WolfkunGFX's avatar
WolfkunGFX|Hobbyist Digital Artist
perfection <3
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ixJackiexx's avatar
ixJackiexx|Hobbyist Artist
Ahh this is super pretty but what does rkgk mean? 
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InjakArtist's avatar
I like the design of her clothes, it's really beautiful
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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Amazing Work Drawing this truly Amazing Work! such detail put into this! don't hesitate to keep up the great work^^
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RaifanZell's avatar
RaifanZell|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I understand the flower reflection thing kind of, but oddly enough, what jumped at me was the distorted angles in the reflection.
The sleeve falling to the left is perfectly angled in the reflection, then the left open piece is on top of its own reflection, her shoes
have a scrunched reflection while her feet do not and then the right side is perfectly angled again, and that was just inspecting
the centerpiece.

That aside though, it's a very beautiful piece and I love your use of colors,
excellent work.  OuO 
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BLISSMODE's avatar
BLISSMODE|Professional Digital Artist
So Dope!
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SlantedJonas's avatar
SlantedJonas|Student Digital Artist
Note too self -Dont tango with her-
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RainyDogCo's avatar
RainyDogCo|Student Digital Artist
Note to self- Don't fall in front of her with them shoes <_<' And I agree with your part as well..
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KylieNielsen's avatar
KylieNielsen|Student General Artist
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tin-t's avatar
tin-t|Professional General Artist
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K4TG4R's avatar
K4TG4R|Professional General Artist
I love the way you draw your masks. <3
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FuyuKami1908's avatar
OMG. Beautiful!!!
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kioler's avatar
kioler|Hobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous work ;;
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Adrolyn's avatar
Adrolyn|Hobbyist Digital Artist
but the portion of the kimono shown in the reflection is mostly the inside.  That has no flowers.  If anything, the details of the reflection might need tweaking to better show the actual view from underneath, it doesn't seem right in spots, mostly where the hems touch the water/ice.
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Merci pour cette oeuvre 😀
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Ainview's avatar
Ainview|Hobbyist General Artist


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Oliriv's avatar
Oliriv|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love her outfit (it's so nicely detailed :D)  and the color palette, simply gorgeous ;)
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kaifuu's avatar
kaifuu|Student Digital Artist
Your art... your art TT TT Love your flow and colors to bits!
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Nieprawicz's avatar
Beautiful art. Amazing colors. I Wonder what is inside this big scroll. Maybe 1000 and 1 (more) positions of Kamasutra?
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thewastelandmafia's avatar
amazing and beautiful
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Lalidra's avatar
Lalidra|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it soon much!!! so beautiful!!!!Heart Heart Heart :happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Love Heart Love 
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Paper-Neko's avatar
Paper-Neko|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love her design * u *
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Gossamer1970's avatar
Gossamer1970|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nicely Done.
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