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FNAF theories.
The Internet is filled with them.
I think there's a part of them that is near to the truth.
Not the whole one but maybe just a sentence of it.
Let's discuss it like that.

Well, in that case let's start with the well-known employee couple: Phone Guy and Purple Guy.
I saw an interesting animation of the song 'I'm not Here all Night' by DAGames. They were the same person.
I heard that theory earlier.
Actually, I believe it.
Let's be honest, PG is not an encouraging person.
Night 4, death of Phone Guy.
We hear banging and stuff. Like Fredbear's scream at the end.
What if that was the beginning of Purple Guy's death too?
Just imagine:
He was attacked --> he phoned --> the ghosts broke in --> he managed to get away --> here comes the minigame from the 3rd game when we're playing as the dead child abd we're supposed to find him --> and finally, his death.
It's possible.

The Take Cake to the Children Death Minigane. I believe that the child that is murdered actually posessed the Marionette.
Though, he can be Freddy too.

The crying kid in FNAF 4. Well, I was thinking about it for a while. Then, it popped into my mind: he is Fredbear. The plushie, the bite, etc. It can't be for no reason!

The box. Everyone wants to open that frickin' box. People, you already know what's inside. You played it and you were supposed to put it together. The whole storyline.

Many people think that we:
- Play as Purple Guy
- Are relatives of the Purple Guy or saw the 'incident' and that's why Springtrap wants to kill us
And I didn't mention the theories that says Foxy wants to help us.
Why do I say that like I really know something?
Because that's the only thing you HAVE to know.
They kill nightguards and hate adults because they were murdered by one of them. They are ghosts for the love of God.
And Springtrap... well, he just kills because it's in his blood.

That's all, I guess. My own version built up from pieces taken from other ideas. Maybe I'm right, maybe everything above is just a load of crap. Who knows? Scott only.