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Lightning rough

ok, this game has me..
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Final Fantasy XIII for me is amazing game. But only first XIII. 13-2 was worse than original 13 and after playing the demo of Lightning Returns, I still think that original 13 is the best!
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I like it. I especially am loving the pose.
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What a Squire-Garçonne. Beautiful
Vergil89's avatar
is't very beatifull
kairipapou123's avatar
xXxXRenoXxXx's avatar
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DREW LIGHTNING!!!!!!! :iconinloveplz:
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this is epic-approved
arcblasterblitz's avatar
Hahah instant fave!!! :) This is what I call awesome.
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This is a very nice drawing for a rough. It has such great movement!
xXxXRenoXxXx's avatar
LMAO!!!! Awesome avatar!!!
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very nice work
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whoa! This is great!!!
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Beautiful. I wish I could do digital art.
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NICE. So much movement!
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great energy
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she looks mint ^ ^
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My bad Light-san...!!!
U have captured her full BADASS style in this image! :XD:
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wow i love this pic
she has a powerful stance
and even if it is rough still amazing
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So very cool! I love the sketchy feel to this!
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Yeah, XIII had me right from the beginning. Light kicks ass. I love the coloring on this. Great work!
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