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Umm.. i'm not really good with words.. I'll try to make it short. I want to thank you ALL for you kind words and support.. Umm, idk.... drawing's gotta weird for me overtime.. I mean, not like in a BAD way, but it's shaping me as a person. I never thought I could turn my hobby into a profession, let alone even draw like this.. And I can't say I wasn't taught because I was blessed enough to have Alvin mentor me(so sick!!). Even getting the attention of all my inspirations, Joe Mad, Arn, AKIMAN?!?! Just the thought of it makes me wanna go back into my cave and practice constantly. Oh yeah.. i know i mostly post up roughs, thank you guys for dealing with those.. but I feel as though I'd rather perfect things little by little than make some HUUUUGE illos, and have like 2 mistakes.. I know, dumb logic, you should do big things regardless.. but I'm dumb like that. Okay let me stop rambling. I drew Ryu cuz he's basically the embodiment of self-improvement. It was either him or Goku...... I should've drew Goku....... I wish I could hadouken.. anyways... keep practicing.. And DON'T be discouraged if you message a famous artist and don't get a reply, or here i think it's a watch.... cuz most likely they're working,and if not that they're practicing.. they don't hate you or think they're too cool..... I'm rambling again. Sry. Late!

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FightingArtsEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would love to you do scketch of the original design for Rufus.  Bald Black guy almost look like DMX
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CoreyKArtist|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow dude!! This looks just like Akiman's hand!!!
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Leonidas666's avatar
Leonidas666|Hobbyist Digital Artist
No Prob! :)
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jets's avatar
jets|Professional Digital Artist
Awesome bro. It's nice to see your getting some credit. I love what you do always have.
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Green-Beast's avatar
Green-Beast|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Pokkuti|Professional Digital Artist
Ryu: Thank you. Now take my Hadoken to your face!
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that's awesome~! and so like you, thinking of us fans - you don't need words to show it :}
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ArmoredCrustacean's avatar
ArmoredCrustacean|Hobbyist General Artist
I'd take your roughs over most of the finished works on here anyways. :)
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Rindoukan's avatar
Rindoukan|Professional Digital Artist
cheers to another 300k lol
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RODCOM1000|Professional General Artist
Well earned, Steve!
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Congrats! You do a great job man! Keep on with the great job and there will be lots of views and good things for ya!
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Alexis-Kurosawa's avatar
Alexis-Kurosawa|Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats Kando!!! You diserve this. You're an amazing artist and admire you since the first time I saw your work:D
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MrSrone's avatar
Every effort must be rewarded. Get this long forever!
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congratulation senpai !! u deserve these 300 hit combos lol
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JeanSinclairArts|Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks to make Ruy...the best ...the greatest...Not that stupid Sayajin...(yes! I don´t like adult Goku...just the classic kid version)

BTW...You´re one of the greatest artist that I know. A good fella and a badass artist.

Keep doing the hard work,Bro.

See ya.
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Artipelago's avatar
Artipelago| Digital Artist
Congratulations to you man!:) You really deserve it!:clap:
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Robaato|Professional Digital Artist
Definitely do some more finished stuff, dude. Compositional work, etc, even though you'll have mistakes. There isn't a perfect piece of art out at all in the world, man, but remember having slight imperfections make things better in the long run. :)

Well deserved 300K, bro. WELL DESERVED. :dance:
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Kandoken|Professional General Artist
You are so soo right b.. I've been dishing out rough panels for the past couple of weeks and I'm slowly realizing these rules do not apply in the long run, LOL. #BoutsWithArtDepression
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Aya-Creuset's avatar
Aya-Creuset|Hobbyist General Artist
:iconbravoplz: Only that =)...
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DarkerEve's avatar
You totally deserve it, congrats and now to get the 500,000 :la:

BTW, you are the best undisputed Ryu drawing in the world ;)
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DanOcean|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats, dude!
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GenghisKwan's avatar
GenghisKwan|Professional Digital Artist
u always have the best looking ryu
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Kandoken's avatar
Kandoken|Professional General Artist
Duuuude, no way man! XD
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leomon32|Student Digital Artist
Ha ha congrats dude and love this face, 'so Ryu'^^
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