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Ashitaka X San: Hold Still

Studio Ghibli

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Into the Space

Journal Skins

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Kuvshinov Ilya

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2,000 points - Overwatch contest - CLOSED


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The Sea Fell in Love With Me

How do you fall in love with a goddess? No, the more important question would be... how does a goddess fall in love with you? A scrawny geek perches on an old dock, legs swinging into strong blue waves, looking up into an endless blue sky. The sea licks and whips his bare feet. The sun won't set for hours, so what is that shining on the water, like sunlight through a crystal? Golden, deep pink and white... He draws his feet beneath him, eyes raking over this new spectrum. Is that...? No, it cannot be. A face in the water... a beautiful face, with sweet, light eyes. The water claws at the dock, forming sleek hands with glea


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Horror Holidays


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Christmas Movies


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Ladybug redesign

Miraculous Ladybug

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Buying art with PayPal


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'Now Tilt Your Head Upwards'


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Sonic Adventure Style Tutorial

Photoshop tutorials

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How to THINK when you draw HEADS LOOKING DOWN TIP!


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Squall Remake Portrait


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Ami Mizuno [100-Watcher PRIZE]

Stuff For Me

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Sonic the hedgehog

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Comet vs the forces of evil

Star vs the Forces of Evil

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Baby Yoda

TV Shows

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My DA Profile: Old Version


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80's Anime Tutorial- PSD/MDP included!

Hiya! Some people asked me how I do my 80's anime pictures: The method has changed every time slightly, especially since I am still trying to perfect it. The most successful are probably both the ones with Shuu (purple/black haired girl) This is the image I'm basing the tutorial off of: Personally, I feel like it didn't turn out as nicely as the one of Shuu, but eh, I kinda messed up on the green shirt and the background- it's not as gouachey as I want it to be. I'll include the PSD and MDP of some of the pictures above so you can reverse engineer/reference them! You will need: GIMP Medibang Internet (optional) MS Paint (optional) Phone


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MM: Widowmaker

Video Games

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Mermaid Dress Up

Flash Games

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Discord Server List

Information This is a listing of servers created by members of DeviantArt. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join these servers. Each server has its own culture, environment, rules, members, etc. Not every server will be right for you. If one is not, you are free to leave. Any abuse reported to DiscordApp in relation to servers listed here will be sanctioned with a group ban. Questions, suggestions, feedback? Please don't hesitate to note the group. If you are kicked/banned from a server listed below, do not come to DiscordApp. We are not affiliated with any servers listed here and cannot do anything. Art Servers Animator Guild - Features multiple monthly challenges. It's fun, friendly, and helpful overall. Art-Bible - This discord server comes with resources, critique area, art challenges, and more. We look to improve your current art and style, this server is only focusing on improvement and discussions of practice. Art by P.Geier - NSFW Server where BloodyWing shares their art

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Stamp Template 2

Stamp Templates

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Dark Kin


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Hatsune miku redraw: world is mine


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PC - Game Serena Over Anime Serena Stamp

Stamps I agree

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Rain Over Sunshine Any Day

My Stamp Box

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Inactive Stamp

My Stamp box part 2

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Yami...a Shrimp?

Devmotional Poster

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P2U Aesthetic Gif Page Decoration [Pink/Purple]

Non Core

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PC - PKMN I don't hate Verity and Sorrel stamp

Stamps I agree with part 2

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Eva: Misato Stamp

My Stamp Box part 3

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