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Never go back ch2 - Gokusen02
The next day, Hayato was late.
Ryu looked all over the classroom once he was in, even on the desks where others were sleeping, but Hayato was nowhere to be found. And after a while, Yankumi got into the classroom, and any chances for him to talk with him about what happened yesterday vanished for the time.
"I'm going to take attendance now, sit down everyone!" Yankumi said in her ever-hyper tone, and Ryu sighed as he was sinking in his seat. At least no one knew what happened.
"Haaaiii." Kosuke replied lazily.
Or at least he hoped for no one to know.
"Here." he replied. He could certainly remember a train passing after Hayato had stuck his lips to his own.
"Here, Yankumi, what did you expect?" Take said cheerfully.
He too was answering lazily. What happened yesterday to them, Ryu didn't know. Their goukoun could have either failed, or gone too well.
Either she was totally blind...
"Or she couldn't even reali
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Never go back ch1 - Gokusen2
Ch. 01</i>
"So, what's for today?" Yankumi asked her students once the lessons for the day were over. Kurogin's 3-D was unusually quiet and peacefull today, almost as if someone had turned them into statues. "What's up with you guys? Were you beaten at the arcade? Or...Could it be broke up with your girlfriends?"
"What girlfriends?" Take sad.
"To break up you need to have someone in the first place." Hyuuga continued.
"Girlfriends she says..." Tsucchi murmured, shaking his fan as always.
"Well, if that's the case, why don't you just go to a goukon?" Yankumi suggested, surprising all five of them. Even Ryu, that ever-cool-acting guy raised his head from his desk.
"Yankumi...Is it really you?" he asked. Next to him, Hayato fell back to sleep, thrusting his head into his arms. He couldn't believe what she was telling them either.
"Well, do what you want. Just make sure you don't in trouble."
"Eeh, this again?"
"She's worried?"
"You're all idiots." Hayato finally spoke
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Watashi no birthday cake by KanashimiRaven Watashi no birthday cake :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 3 19 .after. by KanashimiRaven .after. :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 9 53 .before. by KanashimiRaven .before. :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 1 11 Otoutou at the beach 2 by KanashimiRaven Otoutou at the beach 2 :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 2 7 Otoutou at the beach by KanashimiRaven Otoutou at the beach :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 0 7 July 2008 Desktop by KanashimiRaven July 2008 Desktop :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 2 3
ShikaTema: 30kisses - no.01
Theme: # 01 – Look Over Here!
Title: Holidays in Konoha
Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
~ ~ ~
The years passing, his brats growing…And now they wanted to go on holidays. Yondaime Kazekage had far more important things in his mind to think of than trying to find out which other village would be proper for his children to go, but he couldn’t help it. Nine times a day, with no particular order, Temari, Kankurou and Gaara would come in his office to ask him. Temari, as the older and “wiser” would come in with papers showing the beaches of the Wave and Fire Country, and texts describing them. Kankurou would come either empty handed or with a broken puppet, saying that he needed special pieces which were nowhere to be found in Suna…And Gaara…his last child, his little monstrous son…Sometimes he came in and sat peacefully on the floor, playing with his teddy bear Temari had bought him at some festival. Some others he wou
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GaaMatsu: 30kisses D.H. no12
Fandom: Naruto
Theme: # 12 – In a Good Mood
Pairing: Sabaku no Gaara x Matsuri
Title: Okonomiyaki?
Rating: K+
Summary: “You’re so convincing…Come on, let’s go for lunch. My treat.” He said. “I want okonomiyaki!” the girl said, hands behind her back.
Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
~ ~ ~ ~
“Behind you.”
Sweat drop.
“Below! Now!”
“You damn!”
Crimson droplets on the sand. Matsuri hit the ground hart, on her knees but not so beaten up like all the previous times. No, not this time. She supported herself on her arms and got up, picking up her jou-hyou. Gaara wasn’t looking at her anymore, but right up to the sky. The sun was right in the middle of it.
“Oooi! Sensei!” Matsuri shouted, catching up her breath. “Can we stop for now? I’m hungry!
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Happy -late- birthday NEJI by KanashimiRaven Happy -late- birthday NEJI :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 7 20 Havent't done it before... by KanashimiRaven Havent't done it before... :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 1 18 tomodachi dakara..Aky and me by KanashimiRaven tomodachi dakara..Aky and me :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 1 13 NewDesktop - Happy MoonChild by KanashimiRaven NewDesktop - Happy MoonChild :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 4 24
O polyxromos asterias - GREEK
Στην παραλία με την άσπρη ψιλή ψιλή αμμο, έχει έναν πορτοκαλι ήλιο από χυμό μανταρινιού κι έναν κίτρινο ήλιο από λεμονάδα. Η θάλασσα ειναι γαλάζια και τα ελαφριά κύματα που σκάνε στους μοβ και πορ
:iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 5 24
my love... by KanashimiRaven my love... :iconkanashimiraven:KanashimiRaven 0 74


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Nicky Polatidou
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My new account will be :iconfuyunogekkouka:

I'll be moving there from now on.

It was a pleasure being KanashimiRaven for that long, but the messed up gallery I can never fix up is annoying me to no end.

So I'm moving.

I'll still have this, but I won't be logging in. So everyone, I'll see you on my new account! Ne?
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