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BIONICLE: Rahaga Norik

He's good with the lizards - yes he is. :p
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I really like the staff.  
Norik was always probably my favorite '05 character along with Keetongu. :D
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Yeah!!! awesome nature! and Norik is so AWESOME!!!! :D Nice job mon :D
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aww, i love Norik
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I wonder how Bomonga,Kualus and Iruini would turn out?
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Hey!!! I saw that on Brickshelf. :D
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Still as splendid a Norik-composition as it was when I first saw this on BZP. Norik is perfectly in his element as a Rahaga, ever so gently coaxing the little curious gecko-critter to him with infinite patience.

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Aww...Norik and the little robo-lizard/gecko are cute! ^^
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nice pickture :clap:
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looks like he's saying 'I broke a nail
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Awwwww lovely background......and i especially luv the bionicle lizard itz cute!

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Aww... ^^ It's great.
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I wanna Hug Norik, he looks adorable. your are so talented mate.
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HA HA! Sweet! That's really kool. I like Norik. I feel sorry for that generation of toa...
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My have recently gotten into Bionicles and I in turn have become sort of fascinated in the story behind them. This is one my son has and now he's made me go "awww!"
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My god... you made a plastic lizard robot cuter than it should be... I don;t know why...but I find your Rahaga cute.
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