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Sci-Fi Zelda

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This will be a set of five characters.
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Star Wars and mass effect somehow come to mine.
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Why isn't there already a Zelda game in a sci-fi setting? People just seem to shy away from the concept.
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I said this a few years ago on another website, and the idea was vehemently shot down by everybody who saw it. Most of them didn't even read the finer points of it, just saw "Sci-Fi Zelda" and released the hounds.

Zelda's touched bases with sci-fi elements for as long as I can remember, though.

Then again, sci-fi =/= fantasy, and Zelda does aim to be a fantasy series. Though if they keep talking about "Sheikah technology," they might as well just say sci-fi. Right?
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It's too bad. I always thought it'd be cool. The games and background material makes a point of this repeating generation after generation, so why not?
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True; the Spinner and Hookshot seem to fall more on the "technology" side of the fence...with a bit of magic to wave off the protestations of the laws of phsyics, which are already pretty lax in Hyrule.

I'm just going to interpret the Tron lines all over the "Sheikah technology" as sci-fi stuff. It must have been lost to the ages, just like a startlingly high number of neat dungeon items like the Gust Jar/Bellows.
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I think that Breath of the Wild is going to be semi sci-fi, so it maaaaybeeee could potentially go that route.
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Hopefully. Those Guardians are pretty robotic looking.
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. . .From what I have seen in your Gallery, I only counted 3 of 5...who and when will the next be ???
(Also, Zelda's gauntlet makes me think of a Nintendo Power Glove, can't wait for the rest.)
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For a second I thought it was a lightsaber xD
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Sorry, but she gotta hold that sword in her right hand, like true Zelda should be.
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There's no real characteristics shared between each generation of Link and Zelda. Zelda might be blonde or brunette, wear pink, purple, or blue, and she can be a pirate, a ninja, or both (Tetra and Sheik will both be playable in Hyrule Warriors Legends). Link is usually left-handed, but can be right-handed if the gameplay demands it. The hand on which his Triforce mark appears has changed between games, which triangle is the Triforce of Courage flips, too, which may be a result of mirroring the levels between regions...there was even that one time Link had PINK hair. I can forgive the un-manliness of pink hair easily, because that was in A Link to the Past, arguably the best Zelda game before Link had to be followed by a shoulder fairy every time.

My point is that the characters' physical appearances don't really matter that much.

I just like the idea of a sci-fi setting for a Zelda game.

It's possible Zelda is using the sword in her off-hand in this picture, because the gauntlet on her right hand might be her primary weapon.
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I know... There are two... now three (HD counted as well) different Twilight Princess games, but the true version of Twilight Princess was GC. Therefore, TP Zelda is right-handed.

And for different Zeldas, you're right but what I was talking about... Not all Zeldas are same, they passed as the generation, from mother to daughter, to granddaughter. While Link is the only one, until Ocarina of Time's timelines splat. And in Wind Waker timeline (which OoT Zelda created), it got different Link, which made that two Links so far. Meanwhile, it left us with Ganondorf - there is always one Ganondorf through all those games. Unless we included "Hyrule Warriors", I would still say that Ganondorf from HW is the same one as from all those games in the three timelines, due to his comment on his memory of the past. But still, Zelda and Link are the only characters to have their difference.
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Yes, every time we see a new "Link" and "Zelda", they're supposedly in a later generation. How many coincidental twins can a single person have?

What I don't get is that the original management for Zelda saw these games as a reimagining of the same story, whereas the current director came up with a sprawling, forked timeline. Why, then, did the current director include the games from before this timeline was created, like the orginal NES games (which apparently come after OoT chronologically)? Not to mention, claiming Skyward Sword was a prequel invites disaster, because now they have to retcon a lot of things that happened in previous games. "Oh, there weren't actually any Sages that made/maintain the Master Sword. A Link to the Past, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess all lied to you."

Princess Zelda's role seems to be hereditary. In fact, the lore says all princesses of Hyrule are named Zelda, although not necessarily for this reason. So when the Demon King returns, everyone should know where to find Zelda.

Link's starting point isn't quite as clear, but he's usually from a rural area (and sleeping late as the adventure starts). Then there are three artifacts to gather in order to wield the Master Sword (Hyrule Warriors excluded). Fused Shadows, Pendants, Spiritual Stones, Pearls. They aren't always color-coded or symbols of virtue, but there are always three. It makes sense from a design standpoint, too: around the third dungeon, the player will probably wonder when/if they'll get a cooler sword. Or they could look at the pattern, because tradition is king, so goddesses forbid we mix things up now.

And lastly, if Ganondorf is the same guy every single time (which does seem most likely), why hasn't he learned anything? He still underestimates Link and allows him to live when they meet early on, when experience should tell the Demon King that this is the boy who will thwart his conquest AGAIN, seal him under the Master Sword AGAIN, and rescue the Princess AGAIN. By the time Wind Waker came about, he's clearly aware of the pattern before the game even starts. Although to be fair, he couldn't have predicted the King of Red Lions catching Link when he was tossed and slow-cruising all the way to Windfall. And in the final battle, Ganondorf displays enough magic power to shatter Hyrule Castle simply by yelling loudly enough, but he uses none of it, opting instead to fight Link in a sword duel. Link, the single most effective swordsman of the Hylian race. What did Ganondorf THINK was going to happen?

Sorry, I needed to get all that off my chest. I'll stop ranting now.
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Indeed, but not all of the time - Link and Zelda are never twin in many games, the only exception game was Ocarina of Time, which just coincidence to have them as siblings at some points (Zelda still had a father, while Link's mother died saving him from beasts) though that's one seriously speculation theory.

True, and they still kept it at three - Triforce, three timelines that splat after Ocarina of Time, three characters that wielded the forces (Sorry, Starwars, no pun intended), and of course, the three dungeons that helped you to get around the game before pick up the burden (Master Sword) - same thing go for Skyward Sword, where Link and Fi went on quests to get three flames to creating the Master Sword that we knew and loved. And Skyward Sword is just different, unique kind of game compare to the rest of mentioned games you commented so they're safe to get away with it.

Again, true, but... Hyrule Castle? Each time Ganondorf/Ganon/whoever popped out, there's always Zelda...? And the said castle is deadly center in the Hyrule Land... so that would making sense that Zelda would passing the name from herself to her daughter, to her granddaughter and so on. Also, that would explain why Zelda's mother is missing in Ocarina of Time (her father is only presented, off-screen) and in Wind Waker (as boat and as spirit). Speak of Wind Waker, Zelda, disguised as Sheik, went underground when Hyrule Land got flooded, which her generation later became pirate that brought us Tetra in Zelda's place at that point.

And you're correct - we kept find him in rural, comfort place each time we started our games with, of course, the exception of Hyrule Warriors (where he was busy smacking other soldier's head with stick). And it was his quest to gain anything necessary to get the Master Sword, the only powerful item that can take down Ganon/Ganondorf (Wind Waker's case)/whoever evilness showed up in the certain game(s). Then after that, he put it back in the seal location and went back to his usual "vacation", at least, until Ganon rose again.

Yeah, that's true - that's the only one Ganondorf, and like Wolverine, as time passed, he was getting old, slowly turned senile and forgot how anything work for him, except for his prime goal; seize all Triforce at once. And yes, as of in "A Link Between World", he's braindead and was taken over by paint-lover, Yura or whatever that fucker is. Also, don't forget, in Wind Waker, new Link shoved the Master Sword right in Ganondorf's forehead, enough to give him a brain-damage and turned him into the stone before the barrier lifted and flooded what left of the Hyrule Castle. And by Hyrule Warriors came, his brain damage was fixed and he recalled how to overcoming both Link and Zelda before he ripped the Triforce out of them for the first time.

And that's alright - it's better to let them out than bottling them all in and send your head airborne.
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It was a purposeful decision.  This will later become a combined image with five characters, and her facing this direction with the sword in her left hand will create a better composition.  It's not absurd to have an off-hand sword anyway.
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I know... that's something I can't force - I only wish if that artist had give her true sword-handed in this picture, then it's all perfect. But yeah, Skyward Sword up my ass all you like. *shrug*
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Wow, Glitch, you are kind of being rude, you know... the artist explained that the reasons were for composition of the picture (to make it look nice and pretty), and that they weren't claiming that it was her dominant hand or anything -- that's why Kanaru said it was "off-hand" (aka with her non-dominant hand). Kanaru never brought up Skyward Sword or claimed you were wrong or anything.

Kanaru, this is a gorgeous piece. I am especially envious of the folds in the skirt and the lighting! :)
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Done jerking the boner? Good. Now look at Hyrule Warrior, which hand did Queen Zelda hold the sword?

And you're the one being rude to me - barking stuffs at me for no reasons. I sorta give the artist some ideas, which can be easily ignored.
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All Zelda's are different people. In fact, this artwork isn't even a cannon Zelda.

...and who's to say she isn't ambidextrous? Mist ambidextrous people use their right more often.
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I know that all Zelda are different person, from what I heard/read - new Zelda is previous Zelda's daughter, generation or descendent. But Link? Reincarnated.
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I am aware that the Zeldas are related. However, handedness is not solely genetic. 
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THIS is wicked sweet! Fantastic idea
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