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The Avengers Assemble

By kanapy-art
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The Avengers Assemble

or my sketch assemble LOL

you can see bigger pic on my tumblr [link]
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I just the way you drew this!Clap   Can you give tips on this?
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this is very old work ; 7 ;
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Omg that is too cool!😁

Eira (my MOC. Don't steal her!): Uuummmm *looks around* where's Bucky?

Natasha: Oh my- seriously?! You are definitely fangirling over him!

Eira: I am not!! Besides, I joined you guys about 2 or 3 months ago, give or take. Also, he hardly remembers me anymore. We were both victims of Hydra, but he took too much of their stupid experiments and stuff. I can't believed they brainwashed him too much that he has to be frozen again!😣

• Sorry if I went too far lol.
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Love how you draw Natasha
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I love this! Especially Clint and Tony <3
Thought Nat looks a bit different style-wise? Still gorgeous!
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This is cute! I feel you did especially well on Bruce and Thor. Though, Natasha appears to be in a different style than everyone else...?
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This looks so amazing!! Realistic and almost like the actual persons, but on the other hand you clearly see it's a drawing. I really love this combination! <3 
They're all beautiful!  (Though Loki should be mysteriously appearing among them, just to cause dissension....)
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This is awesome! I think I'm in love with Clint's hair. :love: 
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This is the most coolest artwork piece I have seen today :la: :heart:
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OMG fantastic
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I love it. Your Marvel art is just fantastic <3
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like it, like the avengers
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one thing

 { b a d a s s }
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aww...Tony's cocky attitude... I like that XD
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They are ALL gorgeous!! XD
You draw amazingly!
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I have to agree with you oUo
Ghost889913ab's avatar
Of course you do! :)
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The gang's all here
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