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The Borrower Arrietty
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"We'll meet again,

Don't know where, don't know when,

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day..."

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Oh my god! I love that movie!
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This is adorable and charming.I loved watching this film and especially loved Ghibli's design for Arrietty.
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She has the typical Ghibli girl design
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omgasdfghjkl i love it!
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Someone needs to make a story for this! Awesome picture dude, I love watching this movie and this is even better!
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 Am I the only one wo thinks that Shawn and Arrietty are a cannon couple? They all the time were really lovey Dovey.
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this is so cool ;o; plus Arrietty was such a nice movie! 
btw idk if u take requests or nah but it would be nice
if you could do a fanart of the movie Hotarubi no Mori e
if u have plz give me link? owo
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the very first ghibli movie i watched!!
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sccrrrrrrreeeeEEEEECCCCHHHHES OMG. I love this!!! OTP for life...
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She's a fairy! She is so small and cute while he is so shy.... and blushing... lol
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This is so ADORABLE!!
I really want to find the book series to continue where this movie left off! DX
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The books are so, so good - I read all but the very last one, as I couldn't find it in any of my libraries. Very inspiring and very adorable!
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That's great! :heart:

Aww! D:
I hope you'll be able to find the last one soon! =)
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y u do dis to me????
omg i'm so done, that movie makes me really emotional
still love u doe
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I love this.  Thank you for sharing.  :)
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whats this movie again??? I WANT TO WATCH IT
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It is called The Secret World of Arrietty.
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