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Fanart to Bubble's Plague Doctor comic though some details of Oleg's and Sergey's appearance are from the movie.

Apparenty they have matching scars now: Sergey was injured by Major Grom and Oleg was cut by Vadim 'the Dragon'.
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Speaking of Grom i try to finish my part tomorrow the background shouldn´t be that hard.

By the way what is the story behind the show Grom? I am more into war movies and some comedy shows.

(Edit) I finished my part today and i had sent you a preview in the chat.

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Cool, I'm going to check it!

So, the movie Major Grom: Plague Doctor is based on comics called Major Grom, but only on its 4 first books or so. Major Igor Grom is a policeman in Saint-Petersburg. He tries to catch a villain who kills rich people in the city. The villain is dressed in a Batman-like costume, but also wears a Plague Doctor mask and carries flame-throwers. He films his crimes and uploads videos on the social network Vmeste (which is basically our Vkontakte^^).

The 2nd plotline is about Sergey Razumovsky, an IT millionaire who created Vmeste. He's known as a very altruistic and shy person. He lives in a tower alone and has the only friend Oleg Volkov. Oleg is his childhood friend and former contract soldier who's currently working as Sergey's bodyguard.

One day Oleg comes to the tower and confesses that Plague Doctor is he. He kills rich people because they do harm to the city and its dwellers. Also, he knows that Sergey would want it, too. Sergey is against killing people, but as Oleg is his best friend he doesn't call the police but tries to beg Oleg to stop which Oleg doesn't.

Near the end of the movie, Major Grom finds some evidence and starts to suspect that Sergey is Plague Doctor. He comes to the tower and says it to Sergey. Sergey tries to say that he isn't Plague Doctor when suddenly Oleg wearing the Plague Doctor costume enters the room. However, Grom seems not to see him. Grom says to Sergey that he thought Plague Doctor was Oleg, but Oleg died in action in Syria a year ago.

It turns out there were no Oleg all this time, he was only Sergey's hallucination. Sergey has multiple personality disorder, and his second personality called the Bird is the Plague Doctor. After this, the Bird takes Sergey's place, he and Major Grom fight and Grom wins with the help of his friends.

In post-credits scenes, we see that Sergey is in a mental hospital and Oleg is alive in Syria, and he sees what happened to Sergey in the news on TV.

The movie is quite different from the comics. For example, in the comics, Sergey is pretty evil even without mental disorders and Oleg appears only when he comes to save Sergey from the hospital.

As for this drawing, it's not about the movie (I only changed a bit their looks to make them more similar to the actors who play them in the movie). It's based on the comic Plague Doctor. The events take place about 8 years later or so and this comic is about Sergey, Oleg and their helper and protégés Lera. There is no Grom in it (yet).

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Alrighty! for my drawing i do some little fixes cause i messed a bit with the symmetry on the wall ornaments. I took a look for Major Grom and they is many fanarts and even chibis ^^

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Yeah, it became pretty popular in Russia. It was even translated into other languages and shown on Netflix.

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Thats cool! well i am more into movies like 9 Рота, Грозовые ворота etc. There is also a Russian show called Кухня wich is obviously about a restaurant.