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The Moon Rises

So I got inspired by The Moon Rises animation and drew this ( I finally learned how to background correctly :D )

Here it is in a wallpaper size:
The Moon Rises Wallpaper by Kana-The-Drifter

And also thanks to wlop for making drawing tutorial which really helped me with this pic <3

Check out Celestia's version
The Northern Light by Kana-The-Drifter

Made in Paint Tool SAI
Took me around 5 hours I think
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© 2016 - 2021 Kana-The-Drifter
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I think the coloring and blending colors together made it look beautiful and almost realistic! Also,the shading is much better than what i can do!!! It almost feels like i can touch the drawing,I noticed it said this took you 5-6 hours, and that is really long, But do YOU think it was worth it? I would love to know!!! This thing is making me write 100 words, so that is why this comment is so long. The background is also very impressive and unique!If you have a technique, I would love to know it! Once again,This art is Impressive!
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It sure was worth it, but honestly, 5 hours isn't that long for my pics :P

The most detailed ones I made took me more than 14 hours to finish ^^; So 5 isn't that bad :D
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My art usually take me maybe... about... Half of a hour i guess
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I loved the animation on the video. I felt like I was watching a clip from the movie.
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"Revenge is like a poison, it can take you over. Before you know it, turn you into something ugly"
-May Parker
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Hiya! (First of all, this art, is like aGH AMAZING AF AGHHGHAOG) I was wondering if I could use this art (with credit of course ;)) for a cover I'm doing? ^^ Ty for your time ^^
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I can use this draw for a video I will give you credit
It's some asombre
(',O_O,')...... can we talk this out?...
*nearly slips off the branch*
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This is gorgeous! Amazing work!
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This is amazing fanart
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That expression...just wow!

I love how you can't tell where her mane begins or ends; it really sells her as being more magical!
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Yay glad you like it :3
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damn, that looks awesome
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