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Twilight Sparkle Alicorn Vector

By Kamyk962
First fully alicorn i made also i luv alicorn twilight :l (Screen from the final of season 3)

SVG: [link]

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Twilight you look like you’re in a position with the thought, “I’m ready, who wants to fly with me? Hop on my back!” I’ll take that risk. *Climbs over onto your back* let’s fly!
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used and credited:…
before you ask, he was asked a question, and he had to answer.
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I used this in a wallpaper. Thank you for putting this up; it was very helpful!
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Twilight as a Princess...Why people hate this again? :confused:
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Sorry, not this vector :D
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Is it just me, or is her neck a wee bit longer and slimmer now?

It indeed is. And not to sound perverted here, but her chest is also a bit larger now.

Also, as Equestria Girls shows, her horn is now slightly longer than Rarity's.

Obviously, Twilight's physique is gradually becoming the same type as Cadence's.


This actually makes sense; if you compare the physique Cadence had in Twilight's flashback to the physique Cadence has now, and consider the time that passed in between the flashback's era and when Twilight met Cadence again, you'll see many differences.

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Ladies and gentlecolts, the shark has been jumped. I repeat, the shark has been jumped.
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