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Sombra and Chrysalis

So... I made another vector. Now something new because that was my first try to vector the Sombra character. Anyway, sorry for the half version, i can't to make the other half because it's hard to me yet. Maybe in some day I'll try to make the other half? I don't know yet.
Thanks to :iconanzu18: for permission to make that Vector (Mam nadzieje że ci się podoba c: )

Feel free to comment and enjoy.
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Nice Job here, and yo, Sombra straight up has the DIO Grin
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And of course, they're already planning how to best back-stab each other. 
Wow, this is really nice. I've actually been looking for a decent picture of these two together in something that wasn't a shipping picture.

If I promised to properly credit and link back to your page, would you mind if I used this as part of the cover of my fanfiction?
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Of course you can do it :)
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I totally ship this XD
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A match made in Tartarus. 
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Wait till you see their kids, lol. :evillaugh:
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If the writers decide to make them come back, (which I know they will, their not that stupid) then they will be in the season 5 final, as a couple since both have so much in common. 80% chance
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This is a lovely bit of Sombra x Chrysalis vector goodness. :) I especially like Sombra's smirk, it's a departure from the usual slasher grins that most draw him with.
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awesome Clapping Pony Icon - Queen Chrysalis Clapping Pony Icon - Changeling 
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Wyglądają naprawdę świetnie! :love: Wspaniała robota! :clap:
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This is incredible :D Both characters are VERY well drawn, imo ^^
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Ay, may I use this vector for a wallpaper or forum signature?
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These two are awesome together.
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