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Amazing plot

Vector Pinkie Pie and Applejack
Episode S07E26 - "Shadow Play Part 2"
Program: Inkscape

*Thank you all for the COMMENTS and FAVES*
*I really appreciate it*


*You may use this Vector if you credit me properly.
(If you do use it, leave a link! I wanna see)

MLP:FiM © Lauren Faust and Hasbro

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SwiftgaiatheBrony's avatar
Thats your cousins plot your hugging Pinkie!
LachlanDingoOfficial's avatar
It's official; Pinkie Pie has a thing for Applejack's plot!
Brony-fanfics's avatar
Think no-sexy thought, think non-sexy thoughts!
Brony-fanfics's avatar
Oh shazam, damn I never realized AJ has such a big flank until that episode and until this moment holy shit!
ILoveIceAreas's avatar
i'm loving it this is their suggestive Cunnilingus
RupertBlueFox's avatar
Caught that moment, too! :lol:
Deadpone's avatar
Pinkie was super horny that day. XD
RupertBlueFox's avatar
I don't blame anyone (such as myself) for having the same mindset. This scene was the BEST! :XD:
Deadpone's avatar
Onigamer666's avatar
I couldn't breathe after seeing this, I was laughing so hard!!
ShazamJr's avatar
Hard to believe they got away with this
Teparda's avatar
HarmonyBunny2021's avatar
That's a bit suggestive, isn't it?
ABronyAccount's avatar
The millisecond this happened, I knew it was going to explode across the fandom.
ZeroNitroMan's avatar
Did it even explode? (I really haven't have seen any art, memes or tbh anything.)
ABronyAccount's avatar
AJ's hugged hind is plastered all over Derpibooru.
ZeroNitroMan's avatar
Ah, only place that I don't visit often.
Teparda's avatar
same o-o oh myyy
NewportMuse's avatar
Pinkie Cry (pinkie pie Icon) : Oops... sorry, Applejack. I didn't mean to butt in like that.

Rarity (laugh) plz : Tut tut, Pinkie Pie... (snickers) or should I say, tush tush? (snorts and laughs)

Rainbow Dash (laugh) plz
: That's an interesting plot twist... get it? (laughs loudly) I bet you'll never hear the end of it, Applejack!

Fluttershy Nervous Smile : Oh my... is this what everypony calls fanny fiction? Tee hee.

twilight sparkle (hmm...) plz : And with her cutie mark, it's sure to have a sweet ending.

Applejack (say what) plz : With friends like you, ah don't need any frenemies!

Rainbow Dash messy mane sprite : Happy to help, AJ.
lightning116's avatar
The puns.  They hurt.  GIF My Little Pony - Laugh 
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